Questions about 1st wk. post surgery

I’m having my middle cerebral artery aneurysm clipped this Wed. am by Dr. Ogilvy here in Boston.
What can I expect this first week?


I've undergone two clippings in the past....and I recall my 1st surgeon telling me that my operation was "textbook smoothe" as far as the operation itself was..and on that one I had surgery on the 18th of the month and was out the door of the hospital on the 22nd....the 2nd clipping I believe I was in/out within four days.....

My last clipping surgery was by far the easiest in terms of how I felt: I went for a 1.5 mile walk around the reservoir by our home the 2nd day ...and I was driving within a week and a half of being home. I had the usual 'heavy headed' feeling one would expect after having your head cut open, but I relied only on Advil for the pain (no headaches, just the tenderness of the scar and the trauma associatied with such a surgery) , I slept well....ate well, played on the computer, washed my hair, didn't over do it by any means ..had the stitches out in 10 days....really I felt pretty good and my recovery went well.

Best of luck to you in your coming surgery--hopefully yours will be 'textbook' as well with a wonderful recovery! Sending lots of healing vibes your direction!

Peace, Janet

Thank you so much Janet. Your words were very comforting to hear. Thank you.

I was no help...Good Luck and Good wishes...sending positive vibes your way ~ Colleen

Thank you Jim.

Thank you Colleen. I appreciate it.

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Hi Janet
You’re messsges are so encouraging. I am wondering how many days were your surgeries. Please advise I’m having my second surgery and I needed to find someone with my similar background

Please advise