Justs somethoughts andthings along my tripdownavery bumpy t road with annie

i am just now starting to see their is hope for the futurrewhen i came out of srgeryand ffound out i had a strokei was devastated. my family would tell me it would take time but i would get betterthey would tell they saved your lifeand i would almost scream at thembut they took my life because i believedthat i probably would have been ok without the srgery thatruptured the anneand maybe i wpi;dn't havebut hey said i could have been born with it but didn't know how long or where icame fromi thought if ihad had it along time.then there wereso many times it could have rupturi read on here it can rupture during giving birthad thinkwow i gave birth to six.

while in recovery and rehabi hatedwhen theyouldsredre to a brain injurylike minebecause i didn'y have a brain injurythey injured mewhen i irst started rehab,i was not a veryeasy patient to work with. had leftside neglectand one woman who came in to help me dress andi startputting on my shirt as i had done for 50 years and she tells me no thats wrong and pulls it away fromme. i actually yelled at hernot to tell me hoe to dress myself i had dressed myself fror 50years so dont'ttell mehow. this woman i had for other therapy alsoand if i wasn't feeling bad enough she talked down to me and made me fell like anidiotwe had several go roundsbut before i lefti apolgised andsaid i knohow and why of the thing you had me do but youyoua mother ansd wife with a job that manage to go to collegeand graduatewith a 3.4grade average with going on and then all the sdden i a in havimng trouble with kindergarten work.. i got much better rehab when i came home and went to our localrehab.and many times i felt like they did kill me as i ewas not who i was .i couldn't playmy guitars.do my nativeamerican beadwork.and many more things that made me who i was.i am slowly gaining alot of this bsck but it has been my own personal trail of tearsbut i am getting better. and i a gettimg me back.i carve pipestonend havemade severalbbeautifulpieicesthis year. i have photos i could post i any one is interestedand there is a way to post themon here if not i also havethem on my facebookwell there alot of other rhings i eanted to write bu will have to be contanother timebut most o allhav e faith things csn grt betterprayers for all here good night getting so slrrpylovve hpe andsmiles to every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Vicki,

I am glad to read that you are beginning to feel hopeful and that you are getting better. You have been through a lot.

May God bless you with continued healing.


thanks carole its feels good not to feel so hopeless and angry all the timebelieve me;)

Vicki, thank you for your update.

I think it would be wonderful for you to post your pictures of your carved pipestones.

Vicki, many of us have gone through the trail of tears and many other things in recovery.

My Rehab daily progress records reflect a "collision" while in PT; it notes I was crying and too aphasic to explain. A common word for aphasia was/is "word salad" ; a day later, x-rays were taken of my lumbar spine and for days , the daily records noted bruising. None of my family/friends were advised any of this occurred.

Vicki, I think we had common care; and, likely much to share; we can build our sisterhood.

When you have time, please tell us more about your family, where you live, and, post your pictures.

Hugs and prayers for your continued recovery,


Glad you are able to come here and write your feelings Vicki, it can be so healing...

Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen

you have been through so much! i'm happy to hear you're feeling more optimistic about life and are regaining skills. i'd love to see your pictures as well. i'm part hopi/part cherokee so i love native american things.

may you continue to heal and find yourself again.



Thank you for posting these details of your story. While I regret that you had to suffer through so much, I am so thankful that you were a strong fighter and had faith and family to help to see you through.

I want to also thank you for the fervor with which you write and respond to others on this site. You are an inspiration.

May God continue to bless you and your family.



I just wanted to let you know that I saw your page and read your posts, and that I'm rooting for you! I'm sorry that this happened to you, life can be pretty messed up. I see you haven't posted much lately, but I'll be checking in periodically in case you have any updates. I hope you're safe.