Just days after surgery

It's been 3 days since I had my clipping surgery. It's been a tough road but I am on that road back,

This has turned out to be more involved then I thought from the begning. The beging is so different then what you might expect or what you might have heard fom otheres.Take one day at a time and take them slowley. Rushing to do anything is pretty much dumb because healing time is very impotant to both you and your loved ones,,,,,:)

The shock after surgery of purple. black & blue eyes that are completely swollen shut and then being told that you have 45 staples in your head. These shocks take away from the importantance of you have just had brain surgery.. After my surgery I had a horrible sence of being sick to my stomach and headache. The strangest thing of all I suppose was touching lightly my forehead and feeling moisture under my skin. Doctor says it's normal, me I say it's not!

Hello Kim, /so glad to see that you have came through the surgery o.k… Great news. I have been thinking of you, and glad to see you on. How long was your surgery, and did you remember anything about the surgery. What did you mean about the beginning being so different. That is too bad about feeling sick, are you feeling better now? If the other problem persists regarding feeling the moisture under your skin, go to emergency. God Bless You kimberley and you have been in my prayers and you will continue to be in my prayers. Have a nice relaxing weekend, and take it easy!!!
Yours truly,

Gotcha in my Thoughts…Thank you for sharing…if something really still feels wrong…donot let it go…you know your body better than Doctor…
Hope this finds you stronger everyday…

So happy you are ok!!! I read your post and have been thinking about you!!! Where was your aneurysm and how big??? Just rest over the holidays… You have so much to be thankful for!!! I am scheduled for surgery on dec 16th!!! I am 33 and have a 4 year old daughter that adores me!!! I am very scared and you give me hope!!

Welcome back Kimberley! I’m so glad to hear that your surgery is over and now it’s up and onwards from here. You must be relieved that this part is over. :slight_smile: Go slow but post updates if and when you can. Hugs.


Jennifer, for as scarry as all this is you have make a major point…Your 33 years old and have a 4 yr. daugher that adores you…For Her sake as well as yours keep coming to the people that know what your talking about that know how your feeling at certain times. Scared is normal and if you or anyone else that is going through this was not scared then I would have to say they are in denial…Be scared it’s ok…It’s normal…I keep wonder exactly what the term normal means…sure it does not mean me…LOL…The day of your surgery I will be one month out of mine and I hope that we can give you a better idea of that comes next…Your in my thoughts and prayers…HUG
God Bless…us all!!!..:slight_smile:

Glad to hear you are doing well. Only three days out and you are coherant, that is remarkable. You are right , slow and steady wins the race. Godd thoughts and good luck :slight_smile:

Normal: “Such widespread illness that no one notices.” Abraham Maslow, the father of modern psychology.