Recovery from triple clipping with resection in brain

working on becomng a new and better me .. thank god everyday that I have been blessed .. still huge amounts of depression .. fear of death .. cannt do many things anymore ..and strugle with that ..pain & presure on top and left side of skull ..cannt drive .. lights are a huge problem also ..blurred vision ..any background noise or movement distracts my focus ..looking for friends whom have thoughts , ideas ...or just someone whom understands how much of a change this is in our lives .Thank you Cathy

Hi Cathy sorry you went through this how old were you when it happened I was 23 quite young but still had my two children after. Just listen to your body and drink plenty of water.

Ps and the fear is always there for alĺ of us at the start but it gets easier. And if you ever want a chat just pm me

Hi Cathy I feel the same way I survived a ruptured annie in May i am going for surgery on 11/21/11 for 2 more annie to be clipped I am also living in fear so many thoughts. The change is horrible and there is no one to talk to. i wish you the best stay strong. Linda

Cathy, I am also rather a newbie, but didn't have a craniotomy (though I wanted one, but doc said I couldn't due to the location) - just because I wanted to be done with the annie. So sorry you are going through this - other members who have had this surgery will be able to give you better advice than me.

I will keep you in my prayers and hope you start getting better soon. Vent all you want here - I do the same thing - that's the most wonderful thing about this forum.


PS: My annie was also unruptured, which really makes a difference

Welcome Cathy,

Here you shall find many different stories, annies of all shapes and sizes, coiled and clipped, waiting and watched but we all have one thing in common, we are all survivors, and understanding comes with the membership.

Best wishes


Cyber~Hugs And Healing Thoughts go out to you Cathy...

No matter the sound like you are working on it...everyday...such an inspiration...!


Hi Cathy, sorry to hear that you seem to be having a downer today. I had an annie clipped this past April, it was resting on the optic nerve of my left eye. Had to have a craniectomy a month later due to staph infection at infection site and bone flap was thrown out. I, too, have some pain and much pressure on the left side of my head and hope that much of it will go away when I have reconstruction (craniology) next year. I often just have to think what the alternative might have been had my annie ruptured or had something more significant happened during the craniotomy or with the infection. I do have some vision loss, am a bit uncomfortable driving - especially at night and don't enjoy shopping anymore. I don't know how long ago you had the clipping but positive thoughts do help in the healing process. I hope you have a better tomorrow.

Hi Cathy,

Sorry to hear the problems you are having, I had a pipeline stent implanted on an unruptured annie and have not had any major problems.

Ditto what everyone has already said!!

I wish you well in your recovery!