Is a little bit of dried blood in ear 3 weeks after clipping normal?

I had my clipping on an unruptured Annie 3 weeks ago and have noticed a bit of dried blood in my ear (same side of clipping) - is this normal? Also still have a bit a swelling in front of temple on face!!! Don’t have a check up with consultant for another 3-6 weeks.

I was coiled, not clipped...however, I think you should call your Doctors office and ask this question...better to be safe then sorry....keep us posted...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen


I agree with Colleen, please call your doctor and ask him or her this question and keep us posted.

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Is the dried blood maybe from the surgery? I know that 3 weeks after my clipping surgery that I still couldn't wash my hair on my own & I'm sure there were bits of dried blood in odd places. (I went to my hairdresser a week and a half after surgery & she washed my waist length hair for me.)

I think I may have still had some facial swelling, too, at 3 weeks.. Also, I think the structure of my face on the side of the surgery is slightly different, so it looks like a have just a bit of swelling, even though I don't. (My surgery was in July.)

My followup was 2 weeks post-surgery to have my stitches and one staple removed.

I really would check with your Dr however I was finding blood in my ears I had two ops one on each side in my eyebrows behind ears for a few weeks after cause I wasn’t allowed to get it wet at all the scab so tossing and turning in the night it got everywhere.

Ps hope you speak to a Dr soon

Hi all and thank you for taking the time to reply. It seems all is ok. It’s so easy to get freaked out. Here’s hoping you all have a fantastic Xmas and all my best wishes for a healthy and hppy 2012 xx sadid "it seems all ok"...and you did not say whether you contactd your neuro, et al...

It is never too easy to get freaked out; to add to all our fantastic Christmas; I beg of you to let us know if you had your instructions from an MD...some MD....I had, and, still have some was drainage in my left ear. I am the wickedly wired woman of the "minimally invasive" coiling who lost hearing thru the cranial nerve XIII damage)

I (we all) wish you the most wonderful Christmas... please let us know you had the right check-up.