Post operation symptoms

I am realy concerned about if the bruising is a sign of eye injury

Millie, where is the brusiing, how much, when did it begin, and how long has it been visible?

Do you have any selling or pain? What have your neuros have explained? Have you an ophthalmologist and the have potential referral for a neuro-ophthalamologist?

Prayers for your healing and for getting answers from your neuro-specialists.


the clipping was done before the rupture yesterday on my mum and dr explained to us that shes got bloodshot left eye and swelling on the right side of face and tomorow its gona be bruised but i was worried that the red eye could be the sign of brain swelling or some serious injury

thanks for the prayers shes still in hospital and shes gona need it

Ask her doctors...please do not wait.

Millie, after my clipping (aneurysm on left ICA) the left side of my face was swollen and bruised -- swelling of face lasted about 1 week but my left eye was swollen shut for 5 weeks. At that point, I learned that I had a staph infection -- had some more surgery, put on antibiotics, and next day swelling of the eye was gone! I have no way of knowing if the eye swelling was related to the infection. I know that the doctors checked my eye movement while I was in the hospital after clipping. The bruising is to be expected with aneurysm surgery -- Just stay aware of what neurosurgeons are telling you. I wish the best for your mum.

I had 2 aneurysms clipped in July. The incision started about an inch from my right eyebrow & curved around into the hairline & then down to my ear. My right eye was swollen shut for nearly a week. The left eye was swollen shut on about day 3, but then I could open it again later that day. I also had quite a bit of bruising around my right eye.

I was given gel eye patches (soaked in ice water) to help with the swelling & to soothe my eyes while I was in the hospital & they gave me a couple of them to take home. They really did help.

Thanks for all your helpful responses, I took notes of the issues you pointed to discuss them with my mums doctor, thank god her swelling has gone down abit and she can open her left eye as well but shes got double vision and theyve given her an eye patch, the doctor said its gona go away and we just have to trust him