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Facial Fluid

Hello, I’m now five weeks after surgical clipping. This morning I woke with a bump on my temple. I was able to massage it out. It seems that fluid is dislodging through the left side of my face. Has anyone else had this?

I am 9 months out from BA’s ,clipping craniotomy on right side. Yes, I get swelling right by my temple. For me if I am bending down a lot that’s when the swelling is worse. Mine to is like fluid in that area. My Surgeon told me takes time for the healing. It has gotten better with time. I use cold compress and seems to make swelling better. Hang in there I believe in time will get better. Good wishes for you to feel better. :revolving_hearts:

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Wishing you a speedy recovery Jasmine!

Thanks. Good wishes to you as well! :tulip:

Thank you. Sammy. I hope you are recovering well too.

Hey Jasmine,
I had a craniotomy to manage another neuro issue and as a result had a cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) leak, especially when I exerted myself. When I laughed at a friend I could here the fluid squirt out. The fluid was collecting between my skull and my scalp. I was told by the surgeon that, eventually, the skull bones would heal and that this would seal the leak. But it was very disconcerting having this gurgling sound like someone drinking milk with a straw in my head.
Now, in saying this at 5weeks post surgery things should be healing up fairly well.
I’d recommend you check things out with you surgeon, just to be sure.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Yikes Merl! That sounds terrible. I had read about that and got afraid, hence my post. I am seeing my doctor later this week. I hope it’s all better for you now.

Yes, Jasmine. After 10 months of clipping surgery I feel pretty well. I went back to work after 6 months, the emotional part has been and still is a rollercoaster but everything has been manageable. To answer your question about the facial fluid, I remember
wakening up with a bit of swell on my face and my temple on the side of the surgery still feels softer than the other side. Remain positive, stay hydrated and spend time outside /walk as much as you can. I hope that you have a good companion because I was
nervous to go out on long walks by myself, especially because it was winter and slippery. These are my simple suggestions which have worked for me. Keep us posted and msg me any time if you have questions🌈

Hey Jasmine,
Terrible? Not so much. Frightening? certainly. When it initially occurred I looked at my friend and said “WTF was that? Did you hear that?” and she looked at me all weird saying she didn’t hear anything. Just another thing that was all in my head (no pun intended) but this was not imaginary, as many dr’s like to label some of the weird sensations I seem to get. The following day I spoke to the surgeon and he understood my concern but alleviated my stress explaining that once things had sealed up all should be OK and in regards to the sound of fluid, he was correct.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

So last night some fluid moved around while bending over and started to bother my eye. I looked terrible. This morning while I look better, that side of my face is a bit puffy. It seems some fluid dislodged. It’s been almost four months now. Will this ever go back to normal and will I have symmetry in my face?

You probably need to call your doctor…let us know what they say


I had something similar happen to me, Jasmine, also about five weeks after my clipping, I got out of the shower and noticed that my right forehead had swelled up with fluid. I looked a little like Frankenstein on that side! It was very random and it went away pretty quickly. It never happened again. I also felt like my face was a little fuller than usual for some weeks after the surgery, but that has gone away as well. I decided to give it time rather than contact the NP, but I probably would have reached out to her if it had continued or gotten worse. Good luck.

Thanks Kath, About how long was your face puffy (if you remember)? My left side is slighter fuller. Its not very obvious. I don’t think most people would notice. I originally had a problem with my eye as well so I’m really nervous about my face (in general) being permanently changed. I think I will call the NP today.

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