How to find best skilled nursing facility to deal with annie/stroke recovery?

Hi, is there a website that specifies what kind of rehab a facility deals with well? I am looking for a sub acute rehab facility for my mom, as the next step after her current stint in acute rehab. I am looking for a facility that specializes in rehab for annie/stroke recovery in/near Union County, NJ. Thanks all!

On another note, my mom has been in acute rehab for 4 days and yesterday she fed herself veggies with a spoon. That was a BIG day for us! Yay!


Hi C.J.!

You may want to inquire at the hospital where your mom was treated for the aneurysm and speak to a Social Worker there and see if they can guide you .. plus if she's on Medicare, they also would have comprehensive list of rehabs....I know the hospital where my mother in law was on her last hospital stay had a listing of 6 acute care/rehabs that were associated with the hospital, but we still checked each one out ourselves anyway to make sure we thought they were 'on the up' so to speak.

Great news to hear your mom is eating -- she's on the road to recovery !

Sending big healing vibes her way! peace, Janet

Thanks Janet for the advice. I did speak with the social worker and she said she cannot recommend one facility over another. After I wrote my initial post here I did find a list of six places in the county where my mom lives that are in her HMO, so at least I know what I am dealing with. But without physically visiting the places (I live across the country from my mom and there isn't anyone near her to do the legwork for me) I am limited to online reviews unfortunately.

I do appreciate your encouraging words!

Hi CJ...Glad for mom's improvement...keep in mind the littlest improvements are big when speaking about brain injury...also, I am not sure I gave you our website, but it has information for caretakers/survivors, etc.,

Keep us posted on your mom's progress...wishing better days ahead...~ Colleen