Where does one go after the icu?

Discussing with my sister what to do with Mom after the hospital.Sister wants to put her in a care home in the USA,I want to bring her back to Canada with me,where medical is cheaper(if not free) and she is able to get help from local recourses.What did anyone out here in cyber land do when they were able to leave the hospital?

Any feedback greatly apprieciated


Ah Melodie...I am the survivor and I was 45 when I started this journey...and went home to a loving husband...I know this can't be easy for you and your sister...and I can't say what is best for mom....but I am sending out a prayer to help with both your decision...~ Colleen


When I was 44.. I became a coil recipient after being in a coma for 6 weeks due to an Sah...My doctors pretty well thought i'd have some problems when I came to, and told my husband to expect that i'd need to be in a nursing home environment for a year or so afterward....however, I surprisingly came back in one piece after that 6 weeks and I was happy to find that I didn't need to make use of the nursing home and opted to recover at home with my husband. perhaps your Mom won't need one either. (I spent 4 weeks in ICU and then 2 weeks in a regular hospital room before my "I'm back" awakening) ..My prayers for an awesome recovery for your Mom and the peace to deal with all this madness to you and your family...Take care, Janet

hi Melodies! the drs and case workers lined everything up for me I think, I had 1 wk mostly in a coma then shipped to a rehab hospital where they taught me to walk and eat where I remained for 8 weeks, altho the rehab was thought to be the best in the nation I really think they are all similar-I did physical therapy in 2 different hospitals and a home therapist- all did the same stuff. the last one wasn't as good tho-no brain exercises, no occupational therapy, keeping you in thoughts and prayers for great healing in the best facility~