St Johnland - Long Island

Does anybody have any feedback on the St Johnland facility located in Kings Park, NY?

I dont have any knowledge of anyone who has been a patient in their brain injury unit, but I know the center very well. Are you thinking of placing your Mom there?

Thanks for the reply. Mom was just sent there and began therapy Wednesday. I like several things from what I gather, but still have to get better familiar with the routine, procedures etc. I wish they used biofeedback or some electronic stimuli that would perhaps help mom regain some speech and get her over some of that verbal apraxia, but I like that mom starts out with 30 minutes of therapy eventually making her way up to 1 hour of therapy in PT, OT and Speech.

What do you know of the facility?

: )

Christie, Sorry for not seeing this sooner. I don’t have any knowledge of the brain unit like I said, but I grew up around there and know it has a wonderful reputation. There are not too many brain live-in rehab units in the Northeast for adults, none on the Island that I’m aware of. If your Mom is able to go out on car rides, she would probably enjoy taking a ride down to the water right there (when the weather gets nicer)…it is beautiful and very peaceful. Hope your Mom is doing well. Take care, Kim


Wishing you all the very best in your mother's recovery. I know nothing of St Johnland, but went thru a lot of what your mother has...

Christie, I had global aphasia...the receptive and expressive, and anomia...the inability to name objects. It has been seven+ years and I still trip on a lot of words...or changing subjects. I do not, cannot get on FB daily and do another project...generally, I can do my old-fashioned email w/old friends...cannot get involved in a detailed one. When I am working on a project, it may be days to weeks before I get back on this site.

Because of hearing loss, hearing/speech is not nearly as easy/as good as reading/typing; tho that is so slow. For speech, it is highly frustrating to be able to see a word traveling in my thought that I cannot bring down to say...

During therapy, I could say/do things, that I could not remember 5 minutes later... so, they may teach the speech...and do not know of memory loss...Has your mother had any neuropsych testing?

Of interest, some of the mini tests are in my records, and, they do not look really really bad...and, yet I have no memory of being in another world...

Please keep us informed.

Prayers for your mother's recovery.