Aphasia and Apraxia

My mom had a brain aneurysm December 2011, it ruptured and was clipped. She then had a stroke. She is only 48 years old and physically is good, but has oral motor apraxia and expressive aphasia. Does anyone else know of or have aphasia and oral apraxia? Know of any treatments? Healing time? My mom cannot speak sentences, only a few words, mainly she says "I love you" "Are you okay" "That's fine" "Thank you" "It's okay" "You're funny". She does better with visuals than hearing.

Thank you,


The only thing I know about Aphasia is we had a child here ( Anderson, SC) at the age of 18 suffer a MAJOR stroke and he nearly lost his life. He was at Shephard Center in Atlanta for a while for rehab and then his mom found a program in Chicago for Aphasia patients. I know it was some intense therapy and he has gone there twice. His stroke was 2 or 3 years ago. I think it has helped him some. He also spoke in phrases. Praying you find the right treatment. Right now you are the best advocate for your mom. Keep looking and searching the internet. Hope you find some help.

God bless you, thank you for your response!

Hello Sara, so sorry to hear of your mom's problems. do u have access to any rehabs that specalize in brain injuries? where are u located? I will ask around to check out places for possible help. I am located in Phila area.
Lots of patience on your part- this is easier said than done, i know. tks, donna w

Hi Donna - We live in Massillon / Canton Ohio, about an hour away from Cleveland. I haven't been able to find any rehabs that specialize in this that her insurance will cover, we found one called Mentis in Stow, Ohio but insurance denied it.

sara, take advantage of hospital rehab or whatever resources they have, in the meantime, I'll see if I can find anything else out. donna