Trying to figure out how to best use the site. Am so happy to have found you all. Yesterday I wrote something, don't know where it's gone, but I'll try again: seems to me that mood changes for my husband are related to anxiety (he gets angry, paranoid, obsessive at times) and am wondering if this rings a bell and also if meds have helped, and if so, what. Because the brain is still in recovery after a level 7 (10 pt. scale)subarachnoid hemorrhage with hydrocephalus, am wondering if meds are helpful or if it's best not to go there. Also, what about homeopathics? He's had considerable acupuncture and the Chinese herbal formula he's on now seems to be helping keeping his moods on a more even keel.


I cannot help w/computer tech walks me thru so much...yesterday w/images/photos... Now the best will be if I can really use Picasa and other stuff...(what's the name?)...and, I cannot help here w/chat...someone else recently did...

Did your hubby have open surgery/clip or the marketed minimally invasive devices?

What did the docs explain? Was he referred to a neurologist? Has neuropsych testing been done?

What therapies were provided to him? What was continued as outpatient or homehealth care?

What notations were put on his discharge record for your home health care / food restrictions?

Was he referred to a neuro-ophthalmologist? To a neurotologist or otologist for his hearing check?

Did his hydrocephalus require a shunt implant? I have what is termed "hydrocephalus exvacuo"...which just relates to expansion of the ventricle...but w/normal flow (at least yet!)

Does he have any aphasia(s)...that may prevent him from conversing somewhat regularly? When we cannot speak...we can visualize words in our brain...floating around...cannot bring them to speech...could make some of us appear to be irritated, angry...whatever...

I am into acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, activator (light-touch) chiropractic, etc..I did have a very limited, low cost, herbal...way back when... limited to no push on selling another herb or more diff than prescription marketing...tho many many are pleased, satisfied w/what they take..

Please keep us updated...prayers for the very best for you all...


hi susan! hmmm make sure you clik save at the bottom before you leave the page or all work is lost, Chinese herbs sounds great tell us more please! its ptsd and damage that fuels the different stages of anger, denial, sadness etc etc, the site is hard at first but keep trying-learning new stuff is great for plasticity of the brain!

Hi and Welcome Susan...if it works and doesn't hurt your husband I say "go for it..."...His emotions are very common is brain injury...infact, after all is done, most of us are diagnosed with "PTSD" for a time...

Wishing you both the best ~ Colleen