What to say to others?

Its been a year since my husbands surgery, and we were told that he may have cognitive difficultys, which he does at time it can be really bad, he’s not he same as before and people think he should be back to his old self, They don’t seem to get it even though i have explained it many time. Any ideas would be great!

Hi Tammy...You tell them...he had an anerysm rupture a year ago...and he is still healing from a serious surgery...infact, this may be his "new normal"... and just like our mother's taught us...if the people we tell understand they truly are our friends and if they don't...then never were...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...! Colleen

this is just a thouht,,,, get them the pamphlets from this sight and ask them to read them,,, the info is free but you do have to pay for shipping ,,, its very difficult for people to understand ,,,,, makes it more difficult for you ! but the phamplets will help educate them and hopefully then they willl be able understand his good and bad days ! Hugs and Prayers Julie in Delaware

Thank you for your thoughts, its been a challange for my self as well. I miss what was, but i love him with all my heart, and want to make it easyer for him…

I just tryed to get the pamphlets and a few other things, Thank you so much for you input it means alot!!


Did he have surgery / clips or the intravascular surgery for those minimally or non-invasive coils? I was coiled and I am not a promoter of it.

What continued therapy was prescribed for your hubby? I am a non-degreed, non-licensed...with a strong personal opinion that most recovery therapy is inadequate.

Many of us would have recovered far better with half the quality of care that lovely, Congressional woman, Gabby Gifford received. She was blessed with the quality provided to her; and I pray it may open research on better recovery therapy.

Prayers to you all.

Its very hard to be a caretaker! you have yoour work cut out for you! but you have us here to help you out !!!! sending you and your husband many many huggsss and prayers !!!!! Julie in delaware

i am by no means a dr but i been told it takes about a year but dont expect to much soon it can take longer. I have the same issue people dont know how i feel when i stand in line with nothing to hold onto i put so much pressure on my calfs cause i cant stand alone i get to dizzy they think i’m drunk. I’ll be 2 yrs out and i’m still dizzy and things like that. Maybe some medicine can help or medicine is adding to it.

I also get dizzy sometimes waiting in long lines , so I bought a cane, helps me alot! take it when I go to the pharmacy to get my meds the lines are sooooooooooo long , or if i go to the bank , hope this helps you out ! Julie in delaware

yea i use the broom stick, and im tired of people saying what do YOU need a cane for , um hello i had a aneurysm rupture. And first of all it aint thers concern. I just might buy a cane, i couldnt get a disabled parking sticker .

You got that right, my husband has battled cancer twice and now a aneurysm, i fine myself getting a little angry. he is going for a disablity parking sticker this week, and you know what he really does need one!!!! Hes only 48..

Thank you, people dont realize the mental toll it take to deal with life and death issues that all of you are in.

some people NEVER really get it…it will be 2 yrs in october since ive had my 5mm rupture…unless they’ve been thru it there are no expectations to be met…tell them to just accept the fact hes changed,hes alive n just be happy hes able to still be n your lives…God bless n hugs n prayers coming ur way