Can anyone guide us

My husband had a brain aneurysm that ruptured 1/31/2009. He had it clipped and in April the doctor recommended a shunt and he complied. Since then my husband has suffered from severe headaches and he has episodes that he feels "stupid". He can't think clearly and everything slows down in his brain he says, including his speech. He also has unexplained blackouts. We have explained this to his neurosurgeon, he has been followed up by a neurologist, he has had 2 neuro psych evaluations, several EEG's, several CT scans and MRIs and nobody seems to know why this is happening. My husband tells me that he feels there is something wrong and that he is going to die because of it. It brakes my heart but I can't seem to find any answers. He can't work anymore, he was a licensed heathcare professional and he does not feel confident with his skills anymore. He second guesses himself and feels depressed and anxious often, and has severe headaches. To make matters worse, we applied for disability and he has been denied twice, see most of his problems are cognitive and they are hard to prove. I wonder if anyone has had these symptoms and can offer any help and if you can also guide us as far as disability is concerned?

me to got my letter today.somedays i cant see straight same here work in the medical field i have a laywer they say to get one after the first letter i have always worked two jobs sometimes three i am not lazy or soaker of any styem if you want to look at it i always gave more always did volunteer work for unwanted animals and worked in group homes with the handicaped while i worked two jobs but let they let someone come into our country or sit behind a desk and judge us i better stop before i get going good luck honey hope he makes out well get a lawyer,and god bless him i know how he feelshugs to him linda

We did hire a lawyer but he says it will take between 18-24 months to get a court date! Who can survive without a paycheck in this economy for that long?

Please can you tell me what you mean by unexplained black outs? I think this may be happening to me. I had three episodes (January, July and December). Thank you.

I know how this agency works. It is standard practice to deny EVERY claim. Most people give up and go away. Find a good disability lawyer and keep fighing.

i know its been a year for me ive lived three places already lost my house is it really fairthen they have the nerve to tell me that they think i can work some type of work icant even talk about it i get so mad linda

I have the same problems after 3 yrs. Sometimes I wake up stupid and just tell myself to be extra careful cus, I'm having a STUPID DAY. I also get these lightning bolt headaches that knock me on my ass. I sometimes have a difficult time talking to people and my hands curl up too. I have a hard time remembering things like turning off the stove and locking the back door and using my safety locks at work.I've been determined to get back all my electrical skills and my woodworking. I just finished building 23 kitchen cabinets. I also have plenty of "deja vu" and can't remember people. I don't have anyone at home so I have to do everything myself. I suck at multi-tasking. I was afraid to do anything after my accident but, I've already been dead once so, what the heck. Tell your hubby he has to keep his brain working so it can heal and don't be afraid to make mistakes, just keeping doing it till you get it right.