Honestly this has been the most difficult challenge of my life. I had 2 aneuryems, unruptured, stented & coiled /2/23/2011. I developed a blood clot in my brain after the surgery and I had a subarachnoid hem. 1 day after discharge from the hospital. I also had a MRSA infection in my sinuses before & after. I have been so sick & weak. The headaches were terrible and none of the doctors would prescribe pain meds, thankfully, they aren’t as bad now. I have neuropathy, that was really bad at first but is much less now. I am really tired most of the time but I do have some really good days. I just want to get to the point where I don’t think about it anymore.

Oh my Kathy, you;ve been through enough! I hope and pray you get more relief soon. I haven’t been through the horrible things you have so can’t imagine what it’s like. I have an unruptured annie and was given the option of clipping and said NO! I think I’ll just watch, wait and forget about it. So many horror stories on this site it’s scarey. Here’s to hoping your really good days way outnumber the bad ones. It;s got to get better… Take care, Mitch

Thank you so much, it is scarey. Please take care of yourself. May God bless you.

I feel for you Kathy. I pray you and I can get through this sooner rather than later. I’m sick of this!