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Hi everyone, I’m new here and could use some support. I had my diagnostic angio yesterday. I got through with no issues except having to lay flat for 7 hours, that’s tough when you have RA plus copd, but it’s over thank God! Come to find out I have 4 unruptured brain aneurysms, 2 very smal, 1 4mm and 1 is 7 mm. The 7 mm one they are concerned with and want to do open surgery to clip it. I have to meet with surgeon Wednesday to discuss surgery. I have never been so scared, I am 59 yrs old, have these health issues and I’m afraid I won’t do well with surgery and recovery. I keep telling myself it could be worse but I’m petrified :disappointed_relieved:My mom wasn’t so fortunate, she had one rupture at 52 and did not survive, 40 years ago.

May I ask if you have had stomach trouble in the last few years?

No, I haven’t had stomach trouble Campanile. Why do you ask?

Because I read recently that there is a correlation between stomach microbiota and the brain, and brain issues, including aneurysms.

Try not to worry too much, because in the end, it can make things so much worse. I cannot believe I got through my surgery over a year ago, because I was so upset the entire year prior to it, but now I hardly think about it. It really is a case of taking one day at a time.

Did you have open surgery?

Laura, my friend had open surgery last year. I won’t say it was easy, but her recovery has been very successful. Her aneurysm was in the very same spot that her mother’s had been. Her mother’s ruptured, and she was in a nursing home for the last twenty years of her life.

Her open surgery was a craniotomy: the incision was ugly to look at, but once the hair grew back (even a little) it was invisible. She worked hard at her rehab, and although she has a few minor lingering reminders of the surgery, they are only annoyances which do not impact her quality of life.

This is the right place to get information and support. We’re glad that you found us, even if it is a shame that you too are a member of Club BA.

Seenie from ModSupport

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No, I did not, but my friend in my balance class did. She was very pleased with her surgeon, who happened to be the first surgeon who diagnosed me. She was also pleased with her outcome, which was zero issues and virtually nothing to show from the surgery.

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I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow at 5:30 am. My surgeon told me mine is temporal area which is not an area that will affect memory etc. Thank God! I appreciate your comments and asking to please pray for me as I’m scared to death :two_hearts:

We will be thinking good thoughts for you Laura :slight_smile: Be strong, you will get through this!

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I had a ruptured subnachroid hemorrhage 10 2004 @ 49, two strokes one during surgery one six weeks later, I think mine could have been treated had the awareness been out there, because I had severe pressure in my head and just thought it was stress. Go for the surgery, you can’t live worrying I also have RA at 62 I am just beginning to realize how many people have gone through similar situations and it feels so good to be able to discuss it. Because unless you have been there you just can’t possibly “get it”!

Sending prayers for you… and big cyber hugs Laura

Well, friends my brain surgery for my aneurysm was successful to date. I just want to say thank you to all for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. All of your prayers were very comforting and is greatly appreciated. I have a few months to go for recovery and would appreciate continued prayers.

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Laura, thank you so much for letting us know that you’ve come through the surgery well!
Stay in touch: there are others here who will benefit from your experience and wisdom, just as you were supported before the surgery.
Keep working at the rehab too!

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