Another aneurysm

okay i know i am so very blessed but i cant help but be 2001 i had a aneurysm clipped.later that year stereotactic radiosurgery to try to shrink my february 2003 my avm ruptured needing july my 13 year old son had surgery to resect his avm.i've had the usual side effects headaches especially behind my left eye,dizziness,etc,i was elegible for full disability but turned it down (i was married to an abusive husband and he made me refuse it)i returned to work but struggle daily with the fatigue,depression,head pressure,etc.lately symptoms getting worse and a recent mri in november revealed a new small aneurysm. i am depressed and feel angry because i dont show my symptoms outwardly (i was raised to just suck it up) people treat me like theres nothing wrong.does anyone else get this treatment and how do you deal with it.

Hi there reapply for disability tell them you have a new aneurysm glad to hear you were married not I am married you can do without men in your life like that. I had two aneurysms both clipped in 2002, 2003 and now had the headaches and dizzyness for about 8 nd a half years now went for a mri/mra last October was supposed to get my results this month however they cancelled it now got to wait till next month however don’t think they would leave me had they found something. Try not to worry speak to neurosurgeon ask what they are planning to do about it. But remember they know it is there so at least they will keep an eye on you.

thanks jess for your reply don't ask me why but i cried so hard (big mistake only makes head hurt worse)maybe cuz it made me feel like im not alone.i know it could be so much very worse and that being said i feel i have no right to be could be so much very very worse so i keep trying to think positive.i feel like last time was so different i could feel Gods presence and i know hes still with me but just not feeling hope.i read and keep reading everyone else's blog and try to see how blessed i have had it. thanks again for taking the time to reply.just curious why they didnt clip both of your aneurysms at once or couldnt they.and how did you have the strength to go in a year later knowing what you had to go through already?how often do you go in for mri and thanks made an appointment for a neurologist to help with everything and will see neurosurgeon in may.also trying to find new family doctor when i asked old doctor to fill out papers for reapplication of disability he makes me upset cuz he made me feel like oh i just dont want to work anymore,i dont have nothing wrong,etc.thats why i said it was soooo hard sometimes dealing with other people cuz they don't see it when you cant get off the couch or the icepacks to your head,or the turned down invitations because you just cant make it.thanks for letting me vent if only you knew how incredibily better youve made feel already.thanks God Bless You :)

You have a right to feel what you must Darlene...this is a tough is good you joined the site because you will find you are so not alone with your feelings...esp how people treat us...

You have my prayers...Colleen

people dont understand what we been through and like the dr's see it all the time

They couldn’t clip them at the same time cause they were on opposite sides lol. And the reason I found it so easy to go back was because I weren’t ready to die, and I still ain’t which is the reason I kept going back to the drs with my headaches and dizzyness. I hope they haven’t found anything but if they have I will go through it alĺ again because my children need me so it still is not my time to die, so I just plod on go to work cook take the kids out and on holidays and I shall continue until I am no longer needed. I hope it alĺ works out for you. And I am so pleased I could help you.