Hello all.. 7 years since clip!

Hi all checking in!! Almost 7 years since clipping! Wow time flys.


Wow, Princess Warrior! Time certainly does fly. How are you feeling? And are your doctors pleased with how things have gone?

You have no idea how many people will be thrilled to see your post. So often, people come here when the going is tough, but forget to drop by when things are going well.

This is just the kind of good news that we need to see every now and again.

Thanks so much.:heart_eyes:

Seenie from Moderator Support

How are you doing after 7 years? My daughter is currently in the hospital fighting for her life, she is still unconscious but her eyes are opened and her feet move, she breathes through a trach in her throat and she is fed through a stomach tube. She also had vaso spasm, a 2nd bleed from her coiling followed by a clipping and a shunt operation that did not work. Your story sounds like a great success story, congratulations I only hope my daughter will be as lucky. I would feel better if the neuros would be more encouraging they do not seem to see any hope.