Follow up, clip or coil

I'm scheduled for the 14th to be clipped... :) Wondering what the recovery is when I get home.. Doc said it's one of the easer ones to do, so I should only be in the hospital 3 days.. But when I'm home will I need some one staying with me?? I live alone.. And for how long???

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have been there for me... Only you guys really know how I feel and what I go threw... It's made ALL the difference in the world to me..

And a BIG thanks to God for leading me here to you all.. And keeping me safe in his arms...

May God smile his blessings down on you all...




I can't remember my first few days at home I slept alot I was taking pain meds.Maybe you could get a friend to stay a week.Sorry not much help do you have close neighbors? I was really tired and slept and slept anddddddddd

ha ha.I was there 3 days the second surgery but I had someone home to look after me.Will say a prayer for you girl.

God Bless


Hi Lisa,

I am scheduled to have my second one clipped on the 13th of July. I had my first one clipped June 6. I am lucky they didn't rupture. I went in the hospital Monday and was out on Wednesday. I should be resting, but I can only sleep an hour per day. My sleep pattern has changed but it is only temporary. The recovery for me was easy for the most part, but you should have someone stay with you for maybe a week I think. If not maybe a friend can do your grocery shopping and hopefully friends and family can help out with meals. I was cooking four days after I got home but didn't feel comfortable driving for a few weeks. I will say a prayer for you. You will be fine, I am recovering now and heading back into the hospital and I feel good.


Hi Lisa and Welcome...I am a "survivor" of a 9mm leaky basilar tip was coiled November of has been 7 months ... already had my 6mos angio to find out coils are doing well and my other annie behind my eye hasn't grown ... still remains 2 mm...anyways...I couldn't have done any of this without my husband and mother...but if forced I guess we can do anything...however, I donot think you need to be alone when you come home from the hospital ... for at least a week...but you should discuss this with the hospital staff...if you can't find anyone to stay with to social worker for "home health care"...

Keep it positive ... and know that this is a long journey... and you got my prayers ... Cyber~ Hugs Colleen

Thanks you guys for the replies..

I do have my Auntie, and Daughter, and Mom.. They are going to take shifts.. Yeah right, they are going to stay here the whole time and be silly... LOL When the girls of my family get together it can be kinda crazy and fun... it's going to be a big slumber party!!!!!! (for them)

Count down and I'm a bit overwelmed...

Prayers to you-and remember not to over do it:)

You are blessed to have your family beside you...

Many more prayers for your treatment ad recovery...and, that you will keep us informed...


Yaaaaay!!!!!! you certainly seem to have it all sorted now Princess, warrior by name and warrior by nature. Shall be thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery and fun slumber party with the family.

Best Wshes


Thanks you guys.... Hugs... I'll keep you posted...