Clipping on 11 January!

Hello all! I’ve been reading a lot of posts for the past month and I have to say you all are remarkable! I have my first clipping surgery next Friday @ USC with one of the best neurosurgeon’s on the West Coast to say I’m nervous or anxious is an understatement :/! My doc told me my recovery should be a good one only thing I can’t drive for three weeks but other than that restriction I’m good :)! I have three children ages 7,3, and 1 years old I’m kind of iffy on them seeing me while I’m in the hospital though. If anyone has any advice or anything please share!


Hi Kris-Ann,

You might want to tell your little ones that Mom is going to look a little bruised and just a little scarey, but in no time you'll be back to the same 'ol Mom. Hey we're neighbors , I had my last clipping at St. Joes of Orange--they were wonderful, and I've heard nothing but excellent things of USC's neuro dept. My best to you Kris-Ann,


Thank You Janet :slight_smile: I’ve been trying to prepare them without any graphic images and my husband tells them I’ll look like frakenstein lol to ease them into what I’ll look like. I’m actually in San Diego husband is in the Marine Corp and my neurosurgeon referred me to USC with Dr.Giannotta with my complex history.

Hi Kris Ann...~ I donot have children so I donot have any advice ... however, I will be sending prayers and good vibes your way ~ Colleen

Awe Thank You Colleen :slight_smile:

Hi, I have two teens and I gave them the choice to be there or not. They both chose not to come and I only had the coiling. I suppose it's a personal choice. Its hard for me to imagine what my girls went through but for them this was eaiser. My husband also had a very long day and didn't stay long because he didn't like seeing me in so much pain. Hope this helps.

Hugs and prayers,


Thanks Deanna! As much as I would love to have my lil ones there I think it would be best to wait till I’m out of the hospital. My oldest will be fine it’s my two lil ones I worry about. I told my husband after they drop me off to go back to the hotel to sleep then go home and I’ll see him when he picks me up to go home.

Sounds like a good idea to me. I'll be praying. Keep us posted.

Hugs, Deanna

Silly me when I asked for advice I just meant everything in general, what to expect, recovery and of course to see what other moms in my place have done with young children. Totally my fault for spacing out and not finishing my sentence.

Thank You for your prayers and will update!

Thanks Jo! I would rather my husband stay with the lil ones instead of being with me it will give the lil ones comfort to know he’s there. And yes thank gosh for cell phones and hopefully the Doc will let me keep my phone and IPad for the duration of my stay there :slight_smile:

Hello, I am similiar. Facing my first clipping within the next month. I am a single parent with two children...recovery times I think change from person to person. I will definately be in prayer for your full and quick recovery!

Thank You for the prayers Rhonda :slight_smile: Prayers and positive thoughts being sent your way as well :slight_smile:

hi Kbeals! yes you do have one of the best surgeons-they are truly best of the best- world renown- keep that positive thought pattern while we keep you in our thoughts & prayers-i think youre on the right track with the kids also!

Thank You so much Ron! I needed that lil boost of reassurance and Thank You for the prayers!

My advice--stay ahead of the pain with the pain killers, especially when you first go home. I didn't--I would wait until I started hurting, then I was miserable until the Vicodin would make it into my system.

My fav. scarf & cap for covering the incision (and until the hair started growing back)came from I had one of the turbans & one of the scarves.

Thank You for all the great advice A. Collins :slight_smile:

I have been looking at the slouchy beanies to wear but I will take a look at the website you mentioned. My doc told me not to cut my hair before surgery he said he would pin it up and only shave about 3 inch in width.