Brain Aneurysm clip after surgery

Hi All,

My name is Amy. I just join the brain aneurysm foundation today. My mom is currently in ICU. She had a brain Anni clip on last Wednesday 6/29/2011. The first day after surgery she responsed a little bit but not much. Her brain is swollen and her ICP pressure is high so she they take her back in surgery on the 3rd day to remove the right skull out to help release the pressure and give her brain some room. They put her on medication and sueded her to help her brain rest and relax. It has been a week now and her brain is still the same. the swelling and the shift is is still the same. They slowly reduced her medication yesterday and completely take her off the medication at 12pm today. We still didn't see much response from her. I am worries and afraid. I am not sure what to do. The doctors said is will be a long and slow process with her. If She not improve in the next week or so, they will put the breathing tupe in her neck and removed the one from her throat. They will also take away the feeding tupe from her nose and put another one in her stomach. My family and I are worries and don't know what to do. We're all scare. We don't know how long it will take before she be awake. I need some words of encouragement or something. If anyone have any experiences or had gone through similar sistuation like my mother, please share experience with us. We need a lot of support right now. I appolize in advance if my writing grama is not correct. English is my second language. Thanks you for listening and I hope everyone is doing well.

Hi Amy~

Just wanted to say hang in there and my thoughts are with you and your family. I had a ruptured annie that was coiled in two separate surgeries about a year and a half ago. I still have a remnant left that is being watched. My situation was a little different but we are all different in our experiences and recoveries. Take care and the power of positive thinking can do wonders for you, your family, and your mom.

Hi Amy,

Welcome to the site where I am sure you shall find lots of encouraging words of comfort and from those with more experience. My aneursym was coiled before rupture, so my recovery was different, but have read of so many in your moms position with promising results. Be strong, keep positive and know we are here, your Mom and family are in our thoughts.

Best Wishes


Thank you so much everyone support. I am so scare and worries right now. The only thing I can do is to pray for her each day. I cried so much every time I see or think of her. Please continue to to pray for my mom and my family. Thank you so much for all your support

It has been a week since my mom had surgery for clipping of an aneurysm behind her right eye. She is not able to move her left arm and leg and now her right arm and right leg are not responding too. The biggest problem is the swelling inside her brain creating her brain to shift to the left. The Doctor said that she also had a stroke and some brain cells are damage. My mom is currently had a breathing tube through her mouth and a feeding tube through her nose. The doctor said that the need to do the procedure to put the breathing tube through her neck and the feeding tube through her tummy.

Is there anyone who had the same or similar problem like m y mom? I would like to get an id o how long this has last on others. Does anyone end up with a breathing tube in there neck after the surgery?

prayers goin up to the big man above for swelling to go down and for ur momma to recover 100%…never give up hope…things will get better…i was in the hospital for 2 wks after having my anny rupture and in all was down for 2 months…God hears ur cries for healing with ur mother…so keep praying…it is very powerful…be sure n ask the drs plenty of questions…why? when? where is it yall are from?

Hi Welcome Amy...

You have my prayers for mom...remember this is a long journey to heal...and the brain needs lots of rest...

Healing prayers and thoughts your way and mom's...Colleen