Headaches... will they ever end?

I was relieved coming onto this site to read of so many dealing with daily headaches in recovery, as I have been dealing with them for 9 months. Daily headaches with once or twice a week severe migraines. My question is: Is there anyone who has had their headaches disappear or subside greatly at a certain time along their time of recovery? Is it actually possible to expect this at some time in the future? And does anyone actually know what causes these headaches? My surgeon said it's normal in recovery but doesn't know what causes them.

Hi Joanne,

How awful to have to suffer with the headaches...what surgery did you have, (coil, PED, or clipping)?

I've undergone two clippings and a coil procedure, and was very fortunate in that I never experienced any after-headaches, but many here certainly do. Are you on any medications? I know that often times certain procedures can swell the surrounding brain tissues, resulting in headaches from hell...and steroids such as Prednsilone can help to reduce the swelling, thus reduce the pain. Just a thought,

Peace to you as you get thru this, Janet

Hi Joanne...I didn't suffer from migraines, etc., before this journey...and/or till I had that bad bad headache, and high blood pressure that needed to be controlled...anyways, when I was coiled, my surgeon said the same ... you may experience bad headaches for 6 months or so...well I experienced almost everyday straight for about 3 months...then they started to come once a week...then once a month...now over 2 years I get a bad migraine about once a month for a couple of days...I take feriocet when they start coming on bad...and that seems to help along with ice pack... mine come from the base of my skull, up my head and in to my right eye and temple...Talk to your Doctor for the things that could help you through the headaches...some meds can cause headaches...I was put on Nexium for a while...and can't take it...because it would raise my blood pressure and give me the worse headaches...sorry I didn't mean to go on...just don't want you to suffer more than you must...wishing you a better day ~ Colleen

Everyone heals differently. I went my entire life with only a handful of headaches. After the rupture and coiling I had the worst headaches imaginable every day. Happily, they eventually disappeared. The first 9 months were the worst. After that they gradually decreased in severity. I would say about 18 months I was much better. Three years out now and I no longer get them at all. Again your time line will vary, but I think you have every reason to believe they will get better. Best of luck to you!

Joanne I had a clipping (three locations) done 16 months ago. I have had a headache (although that is not what I would normally call them but don't know what else to call them) every day since surgery. I am now seeing a neurologist who is trying some different meds and they are working. I actually had 4 days last week that I was pain free. I keep expecting that one day I will wake up and they will be gone for good. Then again, if this is one of the things I have to deal with, I consider myself lucky. And you are right, my neurosurgeon, neuro-ophthalmologist and neurologist have no answers as to "why". Clean bill of health, no residuals, just a side effect I guess. I tell myself it is my brain reminding me that it is fighting to get back to normal. Stay strong, Carol

Thank you, Janet, for your very kind reply. It was supposed to be a clip, but changed to a "wrapping" procedure once in, as was too small to clip. I am taking Tylenols with caffeine, and they work, thank God! But sometimes up to 6/day. I also started on a natural supplement recommended by Paige in this group, called Butterbur, used in Germany since 1988 to cure migraines (and allergies). It definitely had good effect after couple weeks, but this past week has been bad again, so I am a little discouraged. You are so blessed to not have to battle daily headaches! Thank you again for your kindness.

Hi Colleen, thank you so much for sharing your success story, which is so encouraging! I am so pleased to hear that the headaches can end!! My Tylenol (+ caffeine) is working great, but I do want to ask my Dr. for something maybe stronger when the extreme migraines come on about twice/week. I would like to be knocked out immediately!! Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your very meaningful story. Blessings, Joanne

Tony, thanks ever so much for sharing your great news! I am so encouraged! And happy for you! Yes, please God, mine will taper and come to an end, as did yours!! Thanks again!

Hi Carol, thank you so much for sharing your story and your thoughts, which are a friendly reminder to be grateful to be alive, even with these annoying headaches :) Good for you that you had 4 days of no pain!! Let's keep working on this, and I am sure we will achieve freedom from the pain. Bless you, Joanne