Headaches migraines after coils

Hello everyone
I had coils 3 years ago I now suffer debilitating headaches I’m off balance and have problems with getting words out when I speak,my Annie was unruptured does anyone else have these issues?

God evening. As a Brain-Aneurysm survivor since 1990. I remember, that the headaches lasted for a little while after the surgery and decreased as time went by. Approximately 6 months to a year then I felt great. My only issue after the surgery was my body refused to move forward, only gravitated to the left. Honestly, the entire body heals well eventually. My total body healing went at a rate of 100! God bless.

Hi Jeanmarie, this is exactly what I'm afraid of happening. I am unruptured, but need treatment. Follow up to angio is next Tuesday then I have another opinion on May 26th. I wonder what causes headaches in some people but not others. I have a nickel allergy and refuse to have any alloy with nickel put in my brain and that limits my choices. Someone said that metal allergies don't affect the brain. How can we know? Sorry I cannot be of more help.

Hi Jeanmarie. Are you still having headaches? What have you found that works for you? I am only three weeks out from coiling/stent surgery, but I have daily, debilitating headaches. I went back to work, but I’m not sure how productive I am going to be. If I lie completely flat and don’t move, my headaches are tolerable; but when I move around, the left side and back of my head hurts tremendously. I have been trying to avoid narcotics, though even when I was on them they didn’t help much. I usually just try to use Tylenol and be as still as possible, which is seldom possible. I pray you have found relief since your last post. Prayers sent for you.

Hi Jan
I still suffer but I go every 3 months for Botox injections for migraines and it seems to help,talk to your Dr about them ,I pray for you I know how bad these headaches are first hand ,ppl don’t understand how bad. Sending hugs