Hey all, hope everyone is okay.

Does anyone have headaches, after their coiling and if so, what worked. I have headaches constantly, all day. I do go for steroid injections inot my l occipital lobe, but I feel pressure constantly behind my eyes, and the QOL is definitely affected. I was taken by ambulance the other night, to MGH, b/c I was having blurred vision and some weird vision changes, CTA showed stable, yet, I still have these dam headaches. THE ER is insane, and seriously, you get the residents, who have to talk to the attending, who have to talk to ??? IT was long. So Occasionally I take a fiorocet, maybe 1x a month and live w/this, and hate it. I went to a HA specialist at Faulkner, not much success there. There have been some good days, but ST memory sometimes., and HA's are my biggest complaint.

I just got back online, here, feeling like I need support.



i had a rupture in october 09, which was coiled by dr kennith layton at baylor medical of dallas..after the procedure i went to see a nuerologist and my pcp..my primary gave me tramadol for the headaches and it worked great...hope this helps..

Oh Cynthia...

I feel for you...and the headaches...mine aren't daily but a couple times a month I have migraines only since the coiling...I take feriocet too...and cold compresses and dark room...usually three days I can rid it...

I don't know what to tell you...but to see a Neurologist for your headaches...and maybe they can recommend something better to help you out...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

well my headaches come on strong at( that time of the month) and would have a daily headache which i think comes from coffee, try to see what triggers it.

My aneurysm ruptured on 9/18/11. The headaches were horrible & I pretty much lived on Feriocet, however it puts me to sleep, so my quality of life wasn't very good. My neurosurgon recommended a shunt. On 12/13/11 I had a lumbar puncture done with a drain to see if that would help with the headaches & my vision. It did. So on 12/16/11 I had the shunt put in & was discharged on 12/17/11. I've only taken Feriocet 3 times since I had the shunt. For the first month I didn't have a single headache, however the weather has been changing and I've been waking up with mild headaches each morning. Regular over the counter meds will usually take care of it. I believe I need to have the pressure valve adjusted on the shunt but the hospital is 5 hours away so I'm trying to wait & see if it improves. Let me know if you have any questions.

Olgivy doesn't do follow up Jim -

I saw 2 neurologists, w/no success, so I am frustrated, I being, I AM SURE not the only person in the world w/HA after coiling, and prior too, from a placement in the MRI machine, the day of diagnosis, damaging the R, not left occipital lobe, that being confirmend by Faulkner, may get better by itself. One HA Specialist wanted me on neurontin, then noritryptiline, then topimax, blah, blah, none of those work, and they really don't listen, and I do NOT do well w/generics, the fillers in them, however, the docs in charge think there is no difference, when in fact, different manufactures, especially for seizure meds, ie topimax, use different fillers, depending on the manufacture, which can affect the level. ALL it takes is a pre auth. I have a pre auth for a year for Fiorocet, brand, however try telling a doctor that is what you use. I don't get sleepy from them, but they say, well if you stop using them then you get rebounding HA, why would I stop then? A half of tablet helps me, however I don't use it that often and just live w/these, so tired.

I tried tramadol w/no success. There was this old time nurse in the ER at MGH, she was awesome, funny, experienced, she gave the the Fiorocet and said, this is an old drug but works wonderful and she was right, however most doctors don't like to prescribe it. I had one doctor not the surgeon, but an outside doctor tell me that my headache was from the fact that my husband died and my son is very sick. I went ballistic. He is fired. So I am at a standstill here, needing, help. Grrrr Today I go to the injection doctor, for steroids, into my brain, and that totally is crazy!