I had a 7 mm aneurysm coiled behind my left eye on May 6. I am still having terrible headaches. I am trying to stay encouraged, but it is very hard to focus and I have a job that demands it, not to mention my wonderful husband and beautiful children. How long have others had headaches? Any words of encouragement or tricks to make them go away?

My Doctors told me before the coiling that I could have headaches for 6 months...I had them bad for three months and would take my feriocet that was prescribed. After that time, I now get migraines about 1 or so a month...it has improved greatly...
You must get rest for the brain to heal ... and this too will help the headaches...~ Colleen

I still have headaches too. Instead of all day they are now in the morning so that is progress. I'm about a month out. Had a really bad one today but it went away after a couple of hours with tylenol

hi ani ! Tylenol and rest helped me-I hope you get relief soon, I would give them a call soon if they don't get better ~will keep you in our thoughts and prayers~

Thank you Ron, Lily and Colleen! Trying to get rest and glad to hear it may be "normal"?:)

My headaches come on at night and often wake me up.

headaches can be a challenge for many of us, im going on 4 yrs post op and have bad ones. try to eat enough and drink enough fluid and REST.

Did you have clipping or coils? Don’t know if I could take this for 4 years! Wow