Headeks after coiling

Any thoughts

Well some…what are yours on?

Hi Oscar,

Yep. Headaches after coiling is pretty much the norm.....How seveare,, how often and for how long they last I think depends on how you were before the coiling and how long ago you were coiled. I am fortunate, didn't have headaches before, and had lots during the first few weeks of recovery, which got less and less seveare, now I just have a kind of back ground pain in the butt achey head, but getting better over time. Then forget I have had brain surgery, push my self over my limits and reward myself with a seveare headache than can last for days...

So in my case I guess I'm fortunate, If I am good to myself then my headhurtys are good to me

Hope this help

Best Wishes


Hi Oscar,

No coiling for me, I'm a PED girl LOL!!

But headaches, yes I've had a few, some that put me down!! I belive it has to do with the foreign materials that are being put into our bodies, whether they be clips, coils or stents like me. Just a thought!!


I had onyx liquid embolization. Headaches before were bad and I am now almost 3 months post op, headaches are have returned and are worse now. Just left dr's office and will have mra in about 2 hours. I also began having pain in my left arm and numb fingers last night. Right pupil was larger this morning than left..Scared again!

Hi Oscar...I believe lots of headaches after coiling...I headaches through the years, but nothing like the "bad one"... and truthfully not many headaches period...but since coiling ... some days are really rough...

I think it is part of my "new normal"...

Good post...anxious to see what others write...Cyber~Healing thoughts your way....Colleen

Thank u everyone, we ask to see the doctor n we r going on monday, hope to get some conferring words for my wife.


I hope the MRA had a finding that is solvable. Good luck and God Bless!

Karen, so glad for your quick scheduling of the MRA for your symptoms. I am concerned (personal opinion) for the pain in your arm / fingers. I had, and still have, those; tho am so aware they can vary.

Hugs and prayers,


Oscar, please keep us informed...

Prayers for healing...



I just a coiling on sept. 30th 2011. have a a couple very minor headaches but I have no idea if it has anything to do with mine was not ruptured. sorry to hear some are suffering.

Thanks Ed, MRA was good, just got to learn how to keep the headaches under control. Slowing down for me is hard to do.

Hi Pat,

The MRA was good...The pain in the arm is intermittent. I saw my primary care dr and he ordered some blood work and it is good. BP is good too. I'm just doing my best to slow down.