Headaches post-op

My dad has horrible headaches. Recap: He is 5 months post-op from a scheduled coil for a frontal brain aneurysm. He has headaches that center around the incision area. He describes them as a "metal spike."

So, when he went to a pain management specialist, they recommended getting an injection. It would be for the supra orbital nerve. My dad won't do it because it involves steroids and he said as bad as his luck has been, they'll probably paralyze him accidentally. I can't blame him there.

Has anyone else had a localized injection or a nerve injection? Has it worked? How long did it work?

How long did the headaches last for you? Months, years? Did you have to stay on narcotics? What other relief was there for you?

After being coiled ... I had headaches (bad one's) for about 6 months...Feriocet was the only thing that helped...now I get really bad one's about once a month for about 3 days...seems to be an effect of coiling...

Wow, so sorry. Yes, it was a clipping procedure. I must have just been reading someone's post about coiling when started typing that. It is definitely CLIPPING.


Sorry to hear about your Dad's headaches. His description of a metal spike is similar to that which my wife would describe her headaches as they beging turning into migraines. Adding to this pain you indicate in a "Which Specialist.." post that he also has stomach upset. What he is describing appears to be a classical migraine. My wife is similarly subjected to these migraines as she was clipped too. We have discovered what triggers this pain in her and if you are interested in learning about a possible source of these triggers let me know. Be forwarned however that this could be something medical specialist are not trained in so they cannot treat it as such.

I'm predicting my wife will have a major 3 day migraine beginning tomorrow morning because a major low pressure storm will be traversing Pennsylvania from West to East. It is a type of storm system that historically triggers a major migraine. I'd be interested to learn if any other clipping survivor's also experience any head pain tomorrow.

It's funny you mention the pressure fronts. My husband actually gets migraines right before large storms hit. However, my dad's headaches are constant. They have different levels of pain but are never less than a 5 out of 10. They are all day, every day.