Headaches after Clipping

Wondering if anybody can help I had a clipping 3 years ago in my head... I get these one sided headaches where it feels like someone is pulling my hair out of my head it so bad that I can not even touch my hair. It tingles all over I am really scared about this.. The doctor says it is the scar tissue and nerve endings does anybody else get this feeling... :(

HI Pattiann...that sounds awful...lucky enough I was coiled...I now get headaches from the coils, but they last about 1 day and my feriocet usually keeps them at bay...is there anything they can do to help you when you get the headaches...??? You poor thing...I can't even imagine 3 years later...

Gotcha in my Thoughts Colleen

Hi yes I still get that and mine was in 2002. Just drink plenty of water don’t stress and ask if you can have a scan to check everything is ok they have done one for me I get results Jan 17th so will find out then, but my guess is it can’t be anything to serious as I would of been called in sooner. Jess.xxx

Hi Pattiann,

I didn't have a clipping, I'm a PED recipient, but I do get headaches which I've never had in my life prior to my annie surgery. You should ask the doc if there is anything they can give you to stave off the headaches.

Best of luck and I hope you get some relief soon!


i was clipped and if it hurts that bad this far out go back to the surgeon to be safe, we all heal at different levels but just to be safe go back. And i'm 2 yrs out with pounding headcahes and i get them more when it rains, i take tylenol and advil but they upset my stomach so i'm in a three ring circle now. There is a group on here for headaches, good luck.


Are these headaches daily and last all day or do they seem to come and go intermitently? Also is it migraine like or just dull pain?

I ask because my wife had had the same head pain since her clipping 17 years ago and we just recently found what causes it.