Headache at coiling location

I made it through another week. (3 weeks)I have a question. Sometimes I will go to bed without a headache… A blessing but after laying down for a few minutes I get A throbbing headache in the area they did coiling. Anyone else experience this?

I had migraines for the first 4 weeks - I can't remember if they were worst when I laid down or not, but I was on Fioricet and Oxy, which did a good job of controlling them. They should start easing off soon, I hope. At least mine did.

Yes...where was your brain aneurysm coiled...It wakes me often I get headache and pressure in the back of my head (my brain aneurysm was on my basilar artery tip back of head) when laying down and after sleeping for a while...then I get up and prop my head with pillows...not sure why this happens...but it has been almost 4 years...I think you are so early in the healing and your head is still healing...but in your follow up appointment be sure to tell the Neurosurgeon and ask him/her why this happening. ~ Thoughts out to you ~ Colleen