Headaches & Fatigue

Hi All! I just wanted to know if anyone has had a coiling and gets mild headaches always in the same part of the head. My aneurysm was in the ACOM region and the coiling was uneventful and successful - but I get these mild pulsing headaches on the side of my head at the back. They are different to the blinding ones I had for the first 8 days after the coiling. They are so specific to a region of my skull I always find myself pressing my head with my fingers on the right side. I am almost 5 weeks out from treatment. They say the bleed was pretty much "everywhere" I don't know what effect that has on prolonged headaches.

I can't put my finger on the tiredness. Seems to be in two discrete phases. Theres the fact I am generally tired all the time. On top of that I get hit by extreme fatigue once every couple of days. It comes in a wave and is relentless! Is this normal?

I also wanted to thank everyone for replying to my first post. I was so surprised at how many people responded.

I'm 10 years out of a clipping and still get strange head sensations, body aches, and fatigue. I've had a million tests and no one really knows why I have these symptoms.

....long term outcomes aren't really studied a lot of aneurysm survivors ---

Mike, after I ruptured, I had headaches for months, one that sent me to the ER two days in a row just to be told the second visit that I was drug seeking. The next day we traveled to the Hospital where I had my coiling. The ER was waiting having been apprised by my triage nurse, Jennifer. They found I was having vasospastic headaches. I kept doing too much and continued to have headaches, even after my second coiling. About one year after, I did have an SPG block which helped me tremendously. Though I get them now, they’re only when I am overdoing it. I elected to not have another block because I developed a tremor and speech issue called Foreign Accent Syndrome. Without the headache telling me I have done too much, the tremor and my speech be some very bad. What I did learn over the last couple years was that keeping hydrated and eating enough protein helped my brain and the headaches. I had to have at least 90 grams of protein daily. Are you able to ask your Neurosurgeon how much protein you should eat and how much you should drink? I had to have three bottles of Gatorade a day.

The fatigue is really normal after a rupture. Look and see what you have done, physically, emotionally, etc before the extreme fatigue.

Also you might want to see what your Fisher Score was for your rupture. It measures the amount of blood that gets into the space with your cerebral spinal fluid. I was a level 3 so that means more than 1mm of blood. I’m under the opinion that the more blood that mixes in could be correlated to the exhaustion. I haven’t found any studies to support my supposition. But I’m thinking the more blood, the longer your body has to filter it back out. That’s a lot of work and it makes sense, to me, that when I work in the garden, etc, it was more than my body could tolerate.

Oh and the anesthesia, how could I forget?! It takes a long time for it to be expelled and it can make your body exhausted all by itself and make your brain slow down.

Mike, how are you doing now? Let us know if you are making progress!

Headaches aren’t so bad now. I just ceased a medication called pregabilin (lyrica) four days ago and was concerned they would be severe. Actually I wouldn’t even call them headaches. Instead I get strange pains around different parts of my head. Feels close to my skull. They come and go.

Fatigue is still relentless and showing no sign of dissipating. I’m not excercising though and am starting to wonder if that’s partly the cause of fatigue. Although excercising seems impossible most days. On the odd day I feel like I can I go for a ride. I usually end up worried afterwards due to localised burning sensation on top of my head.

And yes I’m hypersensitive to everything

I am only a little over 8 months since my rupture and coiling and I still get headaches, and yes usually on the same side( front left for me). My headaches are not near the aneurysm/coiling site so I don't have an explanation for that either. Gradually my headaches have become less severe. I do get exhausted frequently and other days I have much more energy. Yesterday I was really tired but my husband reminded me that I had a long (5 hour) appointment the day before. I just go one day at a time and try to give my body what it is telling me I need. If I am tired I nap or meditate and/or take tylenol.