Headache after coiling

I was wondering if any of you who have been coiled, did you get headaches after the procedure? If so how long after coiling did it take before they went away?

Hi Lynette,

My wife had coiling on her aneurysm 7 months ago , apparently according to the booklet they gave her that headaches are quite common and ease with time,but they might become worse when your tied, it's your bodies way of telling you to slow down. Also to keep up your fluid levels up drink plenty it helps the blood circulation in the brain and prevents dehydration. Avoid alcohol and caffeine-based drinks as they can increase the risk of headaches. Also lifting and constipation can increase the pressure in the brain.

Best Wishes John & Sue

Hi Lynette...I asked surgeons this question and they told me after coiling ... headaches can be bad for 6 months...actually mine bad for 2 months and then they eased up more and more...now I still get a migraine here and there (never had b4 coiling)...but they aren't daily anymore ... it takes time to heal...~ Cyber~thoughts Colleen

hi lynette,i had coiling done in may 2010,i had 2 coiled,and still today i have headaches but it does get easier with time,i think its when ive over done things or when i get stressed but lying on the bed for an hr or 2 seem to help. take care. x

hey john&sue-how interesting you mentioned caffeine cause i was just wondering earlier today if i should resume it because when i quit it i got headaches & thought if i resumed would sinus pressure type headache lessen? And yes Lynette i had headaches after sah in the hospital & they gave me tylenol which worked surprisingly well- they stopped after5-6 weeks,hope u feel better soon-ron

Thank you so much for the replies. I am loving BAF and connecting with each one of you!!! My headaches have eased up today. But I have found that when I read for a long period of time that they do get worse. I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Sunday.


W/o a doubt; so drugged while hospitalized I'd not have been able to tell you...

The "ache" or throb has been gone for years...but the "pressure" is never gone...to me it is imagining a balloon that has had an extra puff or two and ready to pop...That neverstops; tho worse at some times than others... even the turning direction of my head.

Prayers you also had a wonderfully Happy Easter...

yes Pat that balloon feeling is exactly how i feel-great discription- i think mine is allergies/sinus pressure which i seem to be more susceptible to post sah-maybe just old age,i rember my dad suffering more & more as he aged-have a great day-youre ole pal ron

Ron, I grew up w/allergies and hay fever... allergic to a few pharmafia pops...I have never had the typical sinus issues...that some friends have had forever.

The area of the pressure may help explain a lot, including which MD to see...My "balloon" pressure is in my left hemisphere; begnning at the lower half; and, has advanced over time toward the top of my head; did have f/up CTA...elected to not have more..

Hope you had a Happy Easter and many more happy days comng up...


Lynne, you have been blessed... and, it is so nice, so encouraging, to know


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Yes I had my coiling done On January 24, 2012 and for the most part I dont need the oxycodone as much as I use to, infact I am now going a whole day and not even taking the tylenol. So they doo ease up, but I have been told that it take up to a year from the tiime of the rupture depending on each individual case and brain damage.

Had my rupture 18 months ago, & still have the headaches. After my stent was put in w/ more coiling the headaches did led up alittle but now I have the pressure on the right side w/ the neck stiffness. Going to ask the docs this coming Monday what is happening, just hope its not the annie growing more & causing problems. So for some people it seems to take longer, I just happen to be one of them. I do think that stress has alot to do with headaches & I'm back to work w/ alot of stress, cause they seem to be better when I get home in a dark quiet room. Been trying to stay away from pain killers tho, & just take tynelol (Sp) Might be age to. Take care & try to get alot of rest. It really is needed.


Hi Lynette, my aneurysm had been coiled 6 weeks ago and since then I haven't had a single headache, whereas before the op I had daily headaches- it hadn't ruptured yet, though.

All my best


wow great Shauna, thanks for sharing!so nice to hear good news-your outlook is contagious-score one point for the coilers!-

I am happy to report that I have been headache free now for 4 days. I think they have gone away for good. I am so happy. I went to the Dr on Monday and everything looks great. I just go back in 6 mths for the routine angio. I feel so blessed. It is wierd to think 2 1/2 weeks ago I was in the hospital with a brain aneurysm and now I feel great and relieved. Thank you for all your support and answers. It is so nice to have each other.

Hi Lynette

Mine was coiled 7 weeks ago, immediately after the op I had a hell of a headache, but very rarely after that. Haven't had a headache since- touch wood...

All my best to you



This is comforting to read all of your experiences. My husband is 5 months post aneurysm with coiling (his 2nd time around). He has been complaining of headaches- a "lightning storm" in the location where his aneurysm was. He says he feels like the aneurysm is growing back even though the artery that had the aneurysm had been sacrificed during the coiling. I get concerned and ask him if the headache is worse than usual or if he needs to go to the doctor. He claims it is the usual for him :/. He goes back for follow up angio next month so praying for good news at that time. Thank you BAF for providing this forum for survivors and loved ones.

I had pretty severe daily headaches for about 3 months. They are finally better and only occasional.

I had the same worry but just had my follow up angio and everything was great.

I had my coiling done after my rupture May 10/17 and get headaches all the time. Going to see my specailist for the first time ( December 18/17 since leaving hospital and hoping he can tell me when they will go away if ever