Headaches after coiling

had my aneursym coiled on monday. other than a massive headache i feel great. are the headaches normal? if so, about how long with they last? they gave me meds for the headaches/pain, but don’t want to take if i don’t have to.

Hi, mine last about 2 or 3 weeks, faded as the days went bye…

I had a coil procedure 7/1/10 and am still having headaches. Some days I try not to take anything for it and some days they are bad enough for me to take the pain meds I was prescribed after the procedure. My doc said I could have headaches for a month after.
How are you doing otherwise? I am very tired every day. Some things feel like such an effort. My husbands goes for a walk with me each day but I am just so tired. Anyone else?

funny you mention being tired - i think i had mine done a few days before. I’m back to work, kids activities, house work, friends, all the daily stuff - and i just said to my husband after working all day, cleaning the dishes and doing some laundry how tired i get. my heart races and i just get out of breath doing the normal stuff i usually do. perhaps i’m just trying to get back into the grind too quickly. but yes, i find myself getting tired more easily doing routine stuff and needing to go to bed earlier. not sure if it’s normal or not. like you, trying to walk every morning. i did play golf last week and it was hot - probably not the best idea, but it was fun :slight_smile:

Hi Angel and Kimberly…Saffy here…i had my coiling on 19th may 10…8 weeks ago…dont get bad headaches now mainly niggles…but the tiredness yes Kimberly its awful …i did to much 3 weeks ago and have suffered since…so thats it rest and more rest…can i ask how old you…i wonder if age makes a difference…im 63…now feel 93 lol…take care

I am 44. My doc said listen to what your body is telling you. If you need to nap then nap, don’t try to talk yourself out of it.

I had mine clipped on MArch 15, 2010. I do have headaches. I see a difference when the pressure changes when storms are coming in. I was told that the headaches are pretty normal and they effect everyone differently. For the first month I was told to take the pain meds when I get those headaches because it is your body trying to heal. When my head hurts now I take a pain pill. Take your pain pills. When you are tired and feel like you need to nap, DO IT! Soon enough you will be back to your normal life and those naps won’t be as frequent. I have been back to full time work since June 22 and come home at noon and take a 10 to 20 minute nap and take one when I get home at 4:00. I figure that things will get done when they need to but my brain needs to heal so I can do those things.

Your doing so well to be back at work…its 13 weeks this week since my op and this week is first week ive been feeling alot better…im just glad im retired as the thought of work noooo way lol…i saw my consultant on wednesday and he said he was surprised how well i was doing…i said the support was very bad after discharge and it was help from forums on internet thats kept me going…no comment was said …but he told me to rest as much as possible and to remember that even though i hadnt had a bleed it was a major operation and not to forget that…i hope you all are doing well …ive to wait till november now to have MRI scan…let me know how you are doing Angel Kimberley Nancy…speak soon …Saffy xx

I was i n the hospital for three weeks and have been out for almost a week now and am still having headaches