Good news!

One they did not use contrast dye for the MRA so no I.V. for me ! I dread those as much as any procedure. Get that over & I’m good. There was no change since Feb 2012 when the coiling was done. Everything looks good. I don’t have to go back for 1yr. Now looking forward to the other cataract surgery next month. After that I should be back to normal. ( the new normal anyway). I’ll be returning to work full time at the first of the year. Pretty exciting day.

hi Myra- good news indeed, congratulations! sounds like my last one-so happy for you,we'll keep u in our thoughts & prayers!

Congratulations Myra...~ Great News...Wishing you a Beautiful day ~ Colleen

Thank you! It was very good news. Have a great weekend.

Thank you. We can always use each others good thoughts and prayers.

Amen to that Myra...~