2 yr annual mra 2day

going in 2day for my annual mra…please keep me in your prayers that nothing new developed n the coils put in place 2 yrs ago are still doing their magic…thank you Lord for the miracle you bestowed upon me 2 yrs ago n each day you allow me to wake up n be with my family. thank u for ur prayers hope all have an awesome day…xoxo…love ya!


Great news. Enjoy your life.



Prayers that you had great results!


Thoughts and prayers are with you today and everyday for you and your continued health Michelle.

Best wishes as always



Thoughts and prayers that everything is status quo with your MRA.


thank u :wink:

karen ur a sweety…thank u

gaynor my wishes for u are mutual, that we all have good health.thanks bunches

linda will keep yall posted…go n thursday to review results…i know its gonna be good…thanks hunny

Oh, I hate it when they can't give you the results immediately! Let us know on Thursday - my bet is that if there is a problem, you would have heard immediately.


Michelle-prayers coming your way girl! May you be continue to be blessed with good results and continue on your journey to complete recovery! God Bless and keep you safe!

If there was a problem, they would've probably already let you know by now! I bet you're just fine!



thank u sherri…very much appreciated sweety

ur a doll cece, thank u very much…feeling like a very lucky gal n oh so blessed, i wish that for all who are on this site;)

i like ur way of thinking lady…lol…i agree 100%…thanx

It’s TRUE!!! They wouldn’t sit on something serious until Thursday.


Michelle all my prayers for you !!
good luck, take care

thanx mucho giovanni!