One year post surgery

Hi everyone I am a year post coiling. My doctor just did an MRI and told me that everything looks good. I was curious why she wouldn’t do an MRA instead. I’m curious what other people have had done a years post op. I’m also wondering what kind of exercise people have been cleared to do. My doctor told me I have no limitations, but just today I got a headache after weight training in the gym, which worried me. Looking for feedback and others experience.

I am 9 months post pipeline and coiling on one aneurysm and coiling on the other. Both in the ICA ophthalmic area. I had an angiogram in December and everything looked great. Scheduled for MRA in June. I too did weight training for the first time since my surgery and have had eye pain, headaches and random head pains since. I’m not sure that no restrictions is a good idea. Now I’m afraid to workout. One minute I feel fine and the next I’m scared.

Hi, I thought that my doctor would do an MRA, but instead did and I’m worried that she didn’t do an MRA. Like you I was feeling fine exercising. But I think the push ups and planks I did today resulted in some straining I didn’t need, therefore headache. I’m gonna take tomorrow off from the gym and see how it goes.

** I had a PED placed in July 2015. At the six-month mark I had another angiogram – – you know the invasive kind where they go up through your groin. Then one year after that, I had an MRA. From my understanding, that shows more of the arteries than an MRI. However it was done without contrast-- it was very basic and very fast. You could always call your surgeon and ask why it wasn’t an MRA. As far as working out is concerned, I’m just really a walker and I do lots of stretches – – I used to be leery of doing anything that involves bending down like touching my toes, etc., but I want to start working out again with push-ups and stomach crunches and things like that that I have avoided for so long for fear of straining. . **