Finally got to share and it felt great

Had a consultation today , so some of the information i got i brang ith me from the baf, i requested them a bit ago. I kindly handed the papers tothe lady and said i have something for you i want you to keep incase you ever encounter someone like me, i gave so much credit to the baf for being such a great place for support and information and AWARENESS. she took them and said shes very interested in reading them.

Laurie this is wonderful...word of mouth is what it is all about...I too, talk about this site and symptoms to all...~ Wishing you a good Friday ~ Colleen

wishing you a good everyday :)


This site is amazing and has been my continued support and life line since my aneurysm. I tell all my doctors about what great information is shared and how much I have learned from this website. I honestly don't think I would be in such a good place without it.

Michelle K