Great to discover BAF

I had a bleed followed by coiling early October of this year. It is comforting to read many stories and know I have a place to ask / comment on even little concerns that are bothering. Do I just write in "Add a Discussion"? I wrote something earlier in response to questioning one's primary doctor - don't know where that one went! I'll try again later!

Hi Mary Jo,

You will figure out how to get around here :-)

Welcome to our little place!!


Hi Mary Jo and welcome!

Well you found us so far and exactly in the right place! It will take a little time but you'll be dancing around the BAF forum in no time!

Best wishes for continued healing


Welcome and just keep clicking, best way to figure it all out. It's a great community!!


If you want to respond to a specific person, you can click on their icon and it will take you to their page where you can respond....or write a private message if you both are friends...

A Discussion will always post on the front page of this site to everyone...

Does this help? It takes sometime getting around this place...

Have a good day...Fondly, Colleen