Good News

After having the most depressing weekend that i can ever recall, I called the hospital and demanded an appointment asap. The secetary said there was no chance of me being seen until my appointment in Febuary. After explaining to her that i thought it was down right disrespectful that i recieved the results of my MRA via a letter, one that i had been CC'd into and had not yet been seen by anyone she called me back within 5 minutes and has given me an appoitment for the 21st of December. I feel liberated. I am a very positive person by nature but have let these Annies get me down and was finding it hard to get through the day without crying. can you please advise me on the questions i should be asking? Thank you all, i don't know how i would have coped without this site! much love sent to you all xx

Good Girl...That is so good that you will be seen earlier Carolanne...

Ask about size and where they are in your brain? What is the next step? If surgery, which is better for YOU and your annie's? My all time favorite..."Doctor if this was your wife what would you do?"

Start writing down your questions, so you donot forget or have a brain freeze (no pun intended, just my little humor)...Cyber~hugs Colleen