Facial sensations

I have a unruptured leftPICA. I have an unexplained fullness round my left ear, left side of my face, with tingling or more like pulsating sensation along my left cheek and above my eye. These are the symptoms that led me to an MRI that I found out about my Annie. The neurologist said my symptoms are unrelated. Does anyone else have strange sensations or feelings on the heads. Not headaches. Just fullness or pulsating feeling. Anyone?? Please tell me I’m not crazy :slight_smile:

I had the SAME symptoms!! My neurosurgeon said they were not related to the aneurysm. Hmmm…

I’ve had those same feelings (along with a severe headache for 21 days). All the docs say it’s unrelated. Sure seems to be a common complaint I’m reading in here though. Makes you wonder huh? I feel like I’ve been standing on my head too long and at times it pulsates, like when I stand up from a sitting position. I haven’t had this too much in the past, just 3 weeks now. I have terrible pain in the back of my eyes, especially the right eye that drooped which is what alarmed the docs in the first place. They’re checking my carotid and also my neck for possible compression that could be causing these symptoms. They all say unruptured annie’s have no symptoms. I’ve read too many people who have symptoms to believe that any longer. It’s not from stress either as mine started well before I found out about the annie’s last friday. I’ll post what they find from my angiogram and MRI next week.

Hmmm… Is right. My neuro’s seem so puzzled when i try to explain to them what’s going on. They never have an answer, but that it’s not related to the annie. Thanks for sharing. Well at least now I know that I’m normal in the Annie world.

How did you find out about your Annie (s)? You just found out a week ago. You must have so much on your plate right now. I remember when I found out I surfed this website like crazy, it was always and still is comforting to find others (like you) willing to share and understand with. Good luck to you during your angio and MRI.

My osteopath was concerned about my symptoms at my visit for my neck/headache last Mon. She sent me for MRI/MRA. Then had CT angio on Fri confirming 2 annie’s. Now I’m told (and have read from numerous doctors on the web) that most symptoms that cause the tests that find the annie’s have nothing to do with the annie’s. My doc is great and I feel if anyone can figure it out, he will. I think I’m still in a little denial about the whole thing. Because everyone else is treating this as if it’s no big deal, that’s what I’m doing. But deep down, I think I disagree. All things in time I guess.

It’s easy for people in the medical field to seem like it’s not a big deal, because they see this stuff all the time. But this is a big deal for you, a life changing moment, I think, well at least for me it was. I hope you get some answers soon and find some sort of peace.

I am having same things plus a droopy eye since my annie has been coiled…never had before…surgeon said unrelated…Hmm??? That doesn’t sound right…hope you can get some answers…Colleen

My aneurysms were diagnosed because during a several day migraine, one side of my face felt odd - numb was the best word I could come up with, but I wasn't lacking sensation - it felt the way your mouth/face feels when coming out of dental anesthesia (tho of course that really is numb). I was coiled and stented, and several times have had that same feeling again. It happened yesterday, in fact, and I debated calling the dr, but doubted they'd think much of it. Even tho it was what led to the MRI/MRA and discovery of the aneurysms, they don't think it was actually symptomatic of the aneurysms. I'd say at this point that there are lots of us who disagree! It's a scary feeling - not knowing if it's an emergency showing itself.

After reading all the responses I find it weird that the doctors can’t explain this or at least say that they have heard of this and they don’t know. Just so your not worrying, I am glad that my Annie buds have similar sensations well not glad that we have them, but that others have these sensations as well. Take care Jenn

I know sometimes I feel it stronger than others and ask my self is this it. Or is this a reminder from god telling me not to take life for granted or start to take better care of myself. My twisted thoughts. Jenn

But after going through this, it is hard to know what’s a serious symptom and what’s not. Since this whole thing, I’ve been shocked to realize how often hands/feet/arms fall asleep, just normally! My husband lets me know when his have, so it normalizes it for me. The first few times that I felt tingling post surgery I freaked. And truthfully, there were 2 times where docs thought I may have released a little clot, but tests showed no damage, thank God. But yes - it’s hard being so aware of body sensations - especially ones that aren’t common in non-aneurysm people,such as the face numbness. It’s certainly a twisiting road…

I have this same pulsating sensation, too, sometimes when I roll over in bed or when I stand up (and I make a point to raise up slowly because my bp is very low)-I feel it mainly on my right where the col was inserted. This is great to find others with similar sensations. Has anyone else with a coil and stent notice any dragging of a foot, too?

I am having ear pulsating and pain around the upper part of the face by the ear. I am going to dr tomorrow just to rule out an ear infection. Which I know it is not. I have had increasing headaches as well. I know the dr are going to say they are not related. But does seem odd that people are having the same issues. By the way I had coiling on my left side and the problem is ear is the left side as well.

I am finding this all too common in our Annie world, for the doctors to say that these sensations are not related and when I try to explain it to my neuro she seems stumped and doesn’t know what to say. I’d like to just forget about my Annie sometimes, but these sensations are constant reminders. We’ll thanks to everyones replies. I feel normal, what ever that is :slight_smile:

I think our doctors owe us a refund. Ha Ha. We pay them to help us and we know more about our condition than they do. I went through 4 neuroligists before I found one who knew something. I thought it was common sense: If you have an enlarged blood vessel - it's going to put pressure on that area around it. The brain is very sesitive and cannot handle any type of pressure on/in it. Thus, we develope symptoms from it.

I've been trying to find a vetrinarian to treat me. I think they are smarter. LOL


Great idea…except I often walk out of the vets office with a higher bill than when I leave my doctors office!!!

be sure to not start scratching ou ear with your foot...lol..or barking @ strangers..

i had this pulsating feeling in my ear canal everytime my heart beat i could hear it on the left side..then felt likemy ear was stopped up..an ould actually feel my blood vessel pulsating against my scalp-skull..whatever it was i was freaking out..went to my nuero same dayand had an mra dne with contrast..couldnt find anything..went to primary and was told to take some sinus meds and take t easy not to raise my blood pressure..its been good since then..except for the heartbeat in ear thingy,,but the weather has beenso messed up here in texas everyones sinuses and allergies are going nuts,,,maybe its an edgar allen poe thing..lol..hope you get yours all straightened out..many prayers coming your way!

The doctors may tell us we are crazy-but they are not the ones with objects placed in their heads. I have felt like barking (and growling) at the doctors…maybe I do need to go to a vet!!:slight_smile: