My face feels weird

But mostly only on the right side, which is the same side of my surgery I had back on February 6 of this year. A couple of nights ago, I noticed my top lip (or maybe it was bottom, I can’t remember) felt a little tingly. I had just put on some lip balm when I noticed it, so I thought that could’ve had something to do with it. I’ve worn the balm several times before, though. It went away. Yesterday, the feeling came back but then went away. Today I went to church & after I got home I noticed the right side of my face seemed tingly & numb. Just under the eye, like the path a tear would travel, my lip on that side, and the cheek portion. The bottom of my right foot has tingled on & off for a few days, too. I don’t really feel weak or anything, this sensation is just annoying & worrisome because now I panic if anything even feels a little off. The fingers in both hands tingle sometimes too. But ahhh, what should I do? My mom asked if I wanted her to take me to the ER, but I said no. The last time I went there when the whole tight side of my body felt like this, everything was normal & the doctor just kinda brushed me off. I was 21 at the time, I’m 24 now. Scheduled to see my neurosurgeon for my 4 month follow up on Tuesday morning, and I will bring this to his attention. I’m just scared, and I know that isn’t helping at all.

The only details of my surgery I know are that it was an emergency, right side, small aneurysm, ruptured, clipped with two “chip clip” looking clips, and I’m doing wonderful overall considering they thought I’d die.

This is just crazy. All of these things make me feel crazy & I just want to feel normal again.

Sorry, I’m doing this from my phone & I meant right side when I went to the ER with similar symptoms back in 09. It eventually went away. I ended up seeing a neurologist because of that, but by then it had all disappeared. I only saw her one time. When I see Dr White again on Tuesday, I’m going to ask him if I should see my neurologist here in my town. My neurosurgeon is 2 hours away. And I have a neurologist in my town. But I bet when/if I see her again she will FREAK out at what happened to me. She had ordered an MRI from my numb symptoms, but from what a nurse told me (I never got the records from it) everything had come back normal. But man, if they had seen that little aneurysm lurking in my brain, maybe things could’ve been different.


Please call your doctor and if you can't get him/her, please go to the ER. It's better to take the chance of being brushed off than to risk the situation worsening.

When you went 3 years ago, you had not had aneurysm surgery. Things are very different now. You and your mother will have greater peace of mind if they examine you.

May God be with you.


PS My aneurysm ruptured when I was 19. So, you are not alone being young with an issue like this.

My doctor’s clinic is closed because of it being Sunday, but there is a physician on call. I probably will go to the ER after I work myself into thinking I’m having a stroke. I just don’t know what’s normal & what’s not. This tingling thing happened once before soon after I came home under my eye, like where a tear would fall & when I asked my surgeon’s nurse, she told me that was normal part of healing. It soon went away.

Okay… Going down the better safe than sorry route and going to the ER now.

Headed home from the ER. CT scan & bloodwork (cbc) came back normal. The doctor called a neurosurgeon here in town to report my CT to him, and he said everything sounded normal to him given my surgery. So, it isn’t another stroke. Praise God. My face is still tingly/numb but they think it’s a nerve thing. Said I’m okay to follow up with my neurosurgeon on Tuesday as planned but if anything changes before then, to go back to the ER. I’m truly just tired. Of all of this… Stupid aneurysm and the fears/anxiety it’s given me. The awful stresses placed upon me and my family. I know I’m only 4 months into recovery, & it’ll likely be a lifetime deal, but I’m just tired. Thank you for being here for me. I appreciate y’all.


When you see the Neurosurgeon, ask if a EMG test would be appropriate. A EMG is a nerve conduction test and can be done by a Neurologist. The substitute for a EMG would be a SSEP test but this is usually done by a specialist because it tests deeper rooted nerves. Your Neurosurgeon will know best to help ease your concern. Glad all turned out well!

Hi Robin,
I’m glad that things are okay. I certainly understand the stress that you are under as do most of the folks on the site. So, always remember that you are not alone.

Do you know the signs and symptoms for stroke? there are some things that you can test for at home to help alleviate your fears.

F - face does your smile droop; can you stick your tongue out straight
A - can you hold your arms above your head
S - is your speech slurredc or gibberish (someone else may have to check)
T - If you have any of these signs call 911 immediately
P - Pray (this one is mine)

Reach out and grab hold to God’s hand and don’t let go. May His peace be with you.

PS. I like Ed’s advice below.

wow-i thought numbness/tingling were normal side effects of a SAH- i have been this way since it happened 3 years ago-feels like someone duct taped my face which i thought actually happened when i was in the hospital, my whole left side is like that-this is why they prescribed nuerotin which did absolutely nothing ,my pc doc doubled the dosage which didnt work and now he discontinued-i am bewildered at all of the writing here since i was told by many drs along the way that this is normal because brains dont like being bathed in rupture, my unproffesional opinion is either it will improve or this is the new normal which we will adjust to-Sending you hope & prayers-ihave hope for you since you are younger and your so early on

Robin, I am so glad everything checked out okay. It's good to have checked into it just in case and for reassurance. Hopefully your numbness will fade with time.

I've had neck/facial numbness too. I was coiled March 2....and when I came home I thought I just had a phantom sensation that I was still wearing my oxygen. But weeks later the feeling had not faded and I later described it just as you have, Ron, like a feeling of taped adhered to my neck (only mine was packing tape instead of duct tape- LOL). For me, it was the right side of the front of my neck, and some on the right of my face. My neurosurgeon didn't seem concerned and didn't think a tie to my coiling....but I know it must be either that or the bleed. The neck numbness faded finally after maybe 6 weeks or so. But now as I type my right cheek and eye area feels almost tends to come and go.

But all that said, I think I am going to heed everyone's advice given to you, Robin, and call my neuro's office -- like you, my anxiety is peaking again ....seems like I've had more head and eye pains these days, which could all be perfectly normal, but I think I could use some peace of mind too. I hope you get to feeling better real soon. Ron, I hope your numbness fades as well. Has it lessened at all over the years?

hi cindy-no it has not lessened and when i voice concerns to dr he will just say hmm -flip pages and scribble something! if i ask if it will get better they say it could, or maybe.They said the same about my vision- sometimes it gets better!!Rehab hospital therapist said it was called cut vision. But eye doc said its not cut vision its blahblahblahitis or something like that,sorry i'm rambling on but these topics tend to do that-i have hope for you too Cindy-keep the faith don't give up hope,what did gt better was my ability to cope and strss levels declined. Accentuate the positive. i understand your concern since it comes and goes,mine has always been there so im comfortably numb and used too it.But please don't think youres wont improve just because mine didnt-God Bless you all