Headache advice please!

Hi all,

I have an unruptured annie for which I am awaiting treatment.

Ive suffered from headaches for ages but just lately, this last week or so, ive been getting a feeling of 'pressure' in my forehead. Not a pain exactly but just uncomfortable. I am sure this is must my mind playing tricks and me being oversensitive but I would just like thoughts from others if I may ask.

My next appointment isn't until 23/9 for my angiogram.

Thanks all xx

Kerry. My advice would be that you should consult your doctor immediately. If it is uncomfortable it is worth mentioning. Always better to be safe in my opinion


It will not hurt to call your doctor and just explain what's been happening. My annie was found incidentially and fixed immediately so I never had any pain, but from what I understand that if an annie ruptures, the pain is described as "the worse headache" you could ever feel. Please keep us posted!!

Best wishes,


Hi Kerry! I am having the same type of headache as you. I’ve had migraines and just bad headaches since a fall in an ice storm. On 12/24/10 however I got a whopper headache and it included that “pressure” thing. It also settled behind my eyes and I couldn’t even move them without pain. I found it difficult to talk and my right eye closed on me. On 1/3/11 I went to my regular osteopath appt and she sent thought I had a stroke or brain tumor so sent me for MRI. They found 2 annies. My headache continued and finally stopped a couple days after my er visit where they loaded me up with drugs to knock it. All together it lasted 24 or 26 days! I got another one of those headaches recently which lasted over a month this time. My sis, upset that I didn’t report this to a Dr called my internist who said I should go to hospital immediately, that this is not something to take lightly especially with an annie! I didn’t go and finally calmed the headache down a couple days ago. At night I took 12.5mg benadryl and compazine (anti-nausa meds) the er gave me. It didn’t work in hospital so they gave me narcotics but it seems to help quite a bit at home if headache not too bad. Maybe you want to try that. Another thing that worked for me in past was fiorecet (sp?). I got 1 prescription, ever. It can cause rebound headaches so they don’t want me taking it. Sorry to ramble but hope this info is useful to you. Best wishes to you and good luck with those headaches! Mitch

go right to the er and get a cat scan to look for bleeding , pressure is not always good not to scare you but safety first :slight_smile: