Eye pain and pulling/burning feeling...concern?

Hi guys...I'm still a newbie at all this, and since I've been feeling a 4 day headache with strange left eye pain. It feels like someone is pulling on my eye from the inside with dental fross with a buring and pressure feeling. I'm not sure what this is all about? My aneurysm is in the posterior communicating artery, not sure that is the connention, if that even matters. Feeling a bit confused? My vision is not effected, but had a wicked headache yesterday, it is better today but still having that random eye pain....any suggestions/thoughts?

Thanks guys.


If it were me I would call my doctor or go to er.

you will feel much better if you go and get it checked out; if it isn’t related then great

I had eye pain with mine before the surgery, however, my annie was in the carotid artery behind the right eye near the opthalmic artery. I would call dr. as well.

Call your doctor..All concerns you have deserve an answer!!!

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Hi Cindy, please do contact your doctor and explain what is going on! My annies are both in the internal carotid artery at the ophthalmic artery, but I had zero eye pain with them! I had no symptoms whatsoever. I think everyone is right... call your doctor!


If you search my posts, you’ll see I had similar eye issue, and went to neuro-opthamologist, and all was fine. I can’t help but to think it’s connected to aneurysm - but bottom line is it went away and hasn’t returned. Good luck!

Hiya Cindy...you got some good advice...now call the Doctor...better to be "safe then sorry"...

Keep us posted...Gotcha in my thoughts...Colleen

Thanks guys!!! Thanks for reading, it means a lot!!! My story is kinda goofy, since I’ve already had a brain bleed from a cavernous malformation in my left tempel lobe, it hemorrhaged 2 years ago…so I tend to get wicked headaches…but the eye pain/pressure thing was the strange part? Since my aneurysm is in the ‘back’ of my brain can it still effect my eyes? I’m still feeling it, not constant, CONFUSION!!! Sorry! Guess I better make the call hey~!

i learned i would feel all kinds of pulling and tugging and all kinds of head pains, i still get eyebrow pain and i'll be 2 yrs out, it drives me bonkers also. Let us know.


In the PCOM vicinity are the optic and olfactory nerves. Each hemisphere has these nerves. Depending on the side and type of surgery, you may experience different sensations. I found this out the expensive way. My wife had a right ACOM clipping. For years she complained that her eye glasses needed to be replaced, so we did over and over again. It got quite expensive - thank God Lenscrafters had the 30 day return policy. After numerous examinations by specialist, we concluded that this too was a side effect of the surgery. Hope this info helps.

well I called.....my son was sick for 2 days so that put a delay on things as well...but the pain, pulling and twitching, burning, still goes on? Anyway....I spoke to the neuro nurse twice, she talked to my neruo and if no new symptoms present I'm to watch and continue to watch and monitor thru the weekend and follow up on Monday or I can do thru the ER if I feel worse...Oy! She said I'm most likely feeling aura's/migrains in that regeion on my head. Strange to me, but ok?

Thanks for all the support, reading and help!

Cindy....happy weekend!

Hi Cindy

I had large aneurysm in my posterior communicationg artery (coiled at the end of Jan 11) and, like you had a lot of pressure behind my eye before coiling which was quite uncomfortable. It seems to have resolved it since my coiling op.


i’m going through that now ed needing to change my eyeglasses.

Glad you called, Cindy…heed what they said, if you feel you need to go to ER…go and if not let them know on Monday how you are doing…Gotcha in my Thoughts and Prayers…Colleen