Clarification on growing aneyrysms

Good morning, I was reading up on symptoms of growing aneurysm or aneurysms pushing on nerves. It states that the patient would suffer from eye pain or pain above the eye. Can anyone elaborate on what that means? Why would the pain only be in that location and do they mean anywhere above the eye? Like above the eyebrow? Or just the eye and eyelid? It's interesting to me because it's very deliberately written in most aneurysm literature as being sort of the only type of headache one might experience. Thank you.

Joy, can you link that here? I never had eye headaches except for allergies. I had headaches at the base of my skull that have pretty much gone away since my two coilings. It was like a draw bore going up my neck and into my head. Neurosurgeon said ice pick and I said no, bigger and could last days. My first one was a 12.5 mm SAH.

Most websites include a list of possible symptoms of unruptured/growing aneurysms. Here is an example. Almost every site says something similar. No mention of headaches anywhere else. I don't know what they mean by pain above or behind an eye. Like right above the eye? Or anywhere from the eyebrow to the upper forehead??

Thanks for the link! I’m having a busy personal day - massage and then my work out. I tried to google for more information. I’ll try another source.

So I made a few calls and am going through BAF webinars. Calls were nice but as always gave generic answers and encouragement to speak to your doctor. Most I could get out of it is it depends. I also asked about location specifically above the occipital socket. “It depends”. My guess and it is only a personal one, is the size and location pushing against a nerve would cause pain above and behind the eye. I wonder if they are trying to delineate it from sinus headaches? I’ll keep looking at the webinars on BAF when I get back tonight and try again in tomorrow. Hope someone else has a more definitive answer for you.

Joy try this site.

It talks about one of the nerves being the culprit for pain around the eyes. Hope it helps.

My pain was more like stinging none stop . I guess like a bruise oh course its hard to explain the pain , even near my nose and it went to my ears and the top of my head. I used my rice pack none stop warmed in the microwave for a minute. I still get the pains if my face gets cold or its a little windy. I still use the rice pack, just not as much.

pain is hard to explain and can radiate from source outward, even sinus pressure causes pain imagine what a bulging b/a can do! its all about location to differentiate above behind or beyond. Many sources of pain can be associated in that area including the eyeball I am guessing, and eyelid would not be associated with a b/a- its a different system- the skin which is our largest organ.- pain from a b/a would be back part of eye and adjacent nerves I think, I did not get headaches prior to my sah but did have 2 migrains which were unbearable- I believe these were sentinel warning bleeds. My brother suffered migrains all his life but doesn't have b/a, so this stuff makes little sense to me therfor I don't spend a lot of time on it, I am surely not an authority on this but I DO know sinus's are huge and were the area that was infected 3 yrs ago which caused intense pain behind the eyes upon coughing and God forbid sneezing, I describe as brain being stabbed with a rusty knife, I was never so glad to get antibiotics and 3 days no more pain, if you have this get to a dr asap to minimize the suffering, my symptoms were really nothing but a stomach ache and a weird fainting feeling then coma for 6 days . tc

Pain above and behind the eye is where it all started for me back in June…went to the hospital 3 times for this pain before my referral to neuro where they found my annie. 4mm annie on the right middle cerebral artery. Now waiting on an angio to determine if coiling is an option or if I will need to have it clipped. Still get the eye pain daily.