Eye symptoms after coiling


I had an aneurysm coiled almost 2 years ago. The aneurysm is located behind my left eye on my carotid artery. About 4 weeks ago, I started getting pain and pressure behind my eye and it has started to swell. I have gone to the Opthamologist and my eyes seem to be fine, no infection or noticable nerve inflammation. I have an appt next week with my Neuro that performed the coiling, but has anyone experienced eye symptoms this long after coiling? I am not going to worry since I don't have an answer as to what is causing my eye issues, but thought I would throw it out there in case anyone has experienced something similar. Thank you for any feedback, it is greatly appreciated.


Hi Amanda;

I would strongly suggest you see a Neuro-Opthamologist, not just a standard Opthamologist, preferably one recommended by your Neuro Surgeon. Also it might be time to do a MRI/MRA


My mum had her aneurysm coiled just over 2 years ago, She too suffers with pain behind her eyes and sharp pains in her head that just last for seconds. She does have 2 other small less than 2mm unruptured aneurysms which are monitored yearly by mri. I dont know what the cause of her eye pain is but she does have cataracts also. Alot of people on here seem to suffer or have suffered with head and eye pain after coiling not sure if it is related?

Yes I had eye pain after my coiling too; I had an MRI done but they said it had nothing to do with it. I had a sinus infection which I never had problems with before in my whole entire life. My doctor gave me some medication to clear it up and then the pain went away. Wishes, Patty Corn

I also had an experience of eye inflammation after coiling. I even went to the ER and the doctor had no idea what caused it. I was putting on make up and all of sudden my eyes started to tear not because of the make up, but the inflammation got bad. I also went with the eye doctor and everything was good. He only pointed out that my left optic nerve was larger than normal size, but nothing to worry about.

I guess our bodies just go haywire sometimes. If you still feel the need to know seek medical attention…do! I’m right on with James seek a Neuro Ophamologist

I have been dealing with this for 10.5 years. I have been to every Dr. known to man. Nobody has been able to tell me what it is. I took pictures and sent them to Berkley, I received a reply within I hour with a recommendation to see a lead plastic surgeon here in Houston. He ran special blood tests and ordered an MRA, MRV and MRI. And I have found the "edema" was Angioedema brought on by an allergy, and I am having eyelid surgery to take out the rest of the swelling. If you want the Doctor I emailed at Berkley drop my a message or reply here. I have had such severe swelling along with redness all around my eyes I have gotten to where I do not look people in the eyes and think they are staring at mine. They do swell shut at times, and although I have stopped what the allergy was there is still quite a bit of swelling and redness. I feel your pain, and trust me, nobody really has figured out what it is. I did not have a coiling I had a clip and clamp, and the surgery was done as emergency surgery seeing that I had a rupture of a medium sized berry aneurysm. But they are telling me, either can cause this they just don't know why.


Hi Amanda,

I have giant unruptured caverous carotid aneurysm, originally stented and coiled in 2007. It has subsequently be recoiled twice and finally the carotid was occluded in April of 2014. I was aware that recurrence of the aneurysm might occur and have to be recoiled. Twice my symptoms changed in a day, so I headed to the ER and was admitted due a recurrence. However, over the years my symptoms have changed and scans were ordered, and there was no change in my aneurysm. My symptions have been variable, sometimes better that others. I have not experienced swelling you describe since the original event, but over time, the nerve pain around in my eye worsened, due the compaction of the trigeminal nerve, and recently my neurologist prescribed medication for trigeminal neuralgia, which really helped.

When you see your neuro surgeon, ask if they will do a CAT scan or MRI to determine if there is a recurrence. Understand what is the chance of recurrence and when should you go to the ER and when to schedule an apppointment instead. Ask what nerves are impacted and what other symptons might appear. Ask for his nurses phone number to call if you have any other questions after you get home to think about it. And keep asking those questions of each of your specialists. This may be overstating the obvious, but what I know about my condition now I did not know after the initial procedures. Frankly at that point you just think it is fixed and are very thankful for that. I did not know then it would be a journey. I concur with a previous recommendation to see an neuro-opthamologist.

Best wishes.

Thank you all for the replies! I am going to ask about a Neuro-opthamologist when I go to my appointment next Monday and possibly a scan since I am coming up on 2 years. It is such a comfort to know there are so many of you out there who will listen and understand. I am not a worrier, and I try my best to lean on the Lord instead of relying on myself, but from time to time that underlying fear creeps up. I hope everyone has a great day, thank you again:) I will update if anything changes.


Yes I have dipilatating headaches in back of head and eyes. My aneurysm was clipped 5 years ago, although I had a light stroke 3 weeks ago and that could be reason but I didn’t go to ER. Thought it would pass and ice on roads also. Couldn’t think well so didn’t call 911. I have appointment also with brain surgeon. Clipping is very invasive.


im going on 1.5 years and recently getting the same symptoms can you tell me what they found with you.. Im extremely concerned about this. im going to my eye dr in a few days but my angio isn't scheduled till July im very scared can you ease my mind some...

Hi, Amanda,

My mum has had 1 rupture and coiled and has 2 further unruptured ,she too experiences alot of eye pain and pressure and also headaches some very sharp feeling headaches. She recently had her mri 2 1/2 post rupture and they said nothing has changed everything fine and aneurysms still very small so eye and head pain must just be a post coiling/clipping symptom. Hope this helps ease your worries. I too worry when she has these symptoms. x