Pain behind my eye

I am having pain behind my eye. Kind of feels like as if someone was poking you in the arm and not taking their finger away. Should I be concerned? My annies are on my basilar artery 1 coiled from a rupture the other well I have been told I have another and I have been told I don't so :/


HI VJ...I too had my brain aneurysm on my basilar artery coiled...and since that time I have a droop on the right side of my face and a very droopy right eye...well that right is so is often like a knife is stabbing through rhyme or reason...when it happens, but somedays it is all day long...Neurosurgeon said it had nothing to do with coiling...(never had till I woke from coma)...and Neurologist said it is associated with when I will get a migraine (nope...happens even without headache)...wanted to give me a nerve blocker and I opted to take the pain because of the side of effects. If this has just started happening to you I would consult my Neurologist and see what they have to say about the pain...I was told from my Neuro that my cranial nerve 3 and 5 were damaged...Keep us posted...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Hi VJ, shared your post with all the members ... let's see .. maybe we will get some help and more responses...wishing you a good day ~ Colleen

Hi VJ, after my aneurysm I loss vision on my right eye which it became painful because I was trying to hard to see thru it. Neurologist said it didn’t have nothing to do with my brain so I went to my family dr and she said that I was probably having a nerve block with blood after the aneurysm and to go see my ophthalmologist to see if he could clean up the blockage. Unfurtunally in my case he couldn’t do it because I have had LASIK surgery couple years before the aneurysm so he couldn’t open my eye again. Hope this helps.



I would definitely have this checked out. I had pain behind my right eye for a long time and ignored it. Turned out to be an aneurysm resting on my optic nerve and I didn't find out until it ruptured. I permanently lost 50% of my vision. It isn't worth taking a risk, better to have it looked at.

In my prayers, Melissa


Sorry to hear of your ordeal. My annie was in the similar location, but on the left side. I had it clipped and the blurred vision continues. No stabbing or any pain, however, every once in a while, which I get startled or jerk, my left eyes feel like it has a gliche, like a old tv losing connection...seeing the 'snow'. It's brief, but annoying. Both my neurologist and neurosurgeon recommends that I see an ophthalmologist. My surgery was 6 mos ago and it just started...have not made the ophtha appt, but will. Please keep up post on your condition. Lots of hugs and luck!!!


Hello VJ - I had an anneurysm embedded in my left optic nerve chaism. About six months after surgery I began having really bad pain in the area. On a visit to the opthomologist he said that my particular type of pain was normal and that it would subside. It has for the most part. Please consult an opthomologist - neuro is preferable or an opthomologist who has treated Annie patients. Hope all goes well. My pain was there for a good three months. All the best. Penny

I would have it checked, always play on the side of caution if you’ve any concerns.
The jabbing behind my left eye was one of the indicators that led to my aneurysm being diagnosed My vision also went double months later. I have had a giant aneurysm stented, too large to be coiled, 20 months ago. My shut eye shut down for 3 months. I now have permanent double vision but with my left eye covered, I am legal to drive and I am working.
All my treatment being carried out in the UK.
Have it checked out.
Best wishes, hope you get it resolved

This is literally the exact pain I have been experiencing for weeks now. I had a ruptured aneurysm behind this eye in January so now I am living with constant anxiety that it is all going to happen again. My doctor keeps assuring me that it is just migraine pain that will eventually subside which is very frustrating because this is 24/7 pain and anxiety!!

Hi, VJ. I haven't been on in a long time (mainly because I have had other health issues). Colleen sent me a message and I'm glad she did. I really need to get onto the group more often to lend support - this is such a scary journey.

I'm sorry you are having such a tough time. I had coiling/stent in my basilar tip and luckily have not had any more problems with brain pain since I recovered. I didn't have any bleeding/leaking beforehand, so I was really lucky. Just have yearly MRIs and followups (although my doctor left for a great job offer, so right now I am without a neurosurgeon - if something were to happen, I would have to be shipped to Boston).

I also have memory problems, although I had some before the surgery (recurring brain fog from cancer treatment) - it really is getting worse and my PC just did a lot of blood work to see if there was something there that might cause it. Nope, all good.

Have you gotten a 2nd opinion? I think the advice you are being given about seeing an ophthalmologist is a good idea. Do you have 2 annies on your basilar?

Have you thought about seeing an ear, nose, throat doctor? I know, we all wish they all did everything. Maybe the opthalmologist could recommend one… I had a painful left eye…was a blocked sinus. Caused ‘stuck’ double vision…up and down. A good sneeze cleared it of an egg’s worth of clear gel. Also, there is a Sphenoid sinus behind the nose that can give trouble. They are all close to our eyes, arteries, etc. … hard to tell what’s what. Good luck to you…and all on here… Great group and source, as well as those who understand what you’re going through…

I get pain in and behind my right eye. My aneurysm was behind the eye on the carotid and the coils/balloon are pressing on my trigeminal nerve, which causes the pain. Trigeminal nerve pain is often part of migraine pain too. I'm a retired physician so recognized the pain and diagnosed it myself. Neither the surgeon or my primary care physician would have diagnosed it on their own. It might be worth talking with a neurologist about your pain. Mine has responded quite well to drugs for nervepain/migraine prevention.

Hi VJ,

If I were you I would definitely make an appointment to see your Neurologist. I see mine every 6 months but when I have pain behind my eye or my ears or neck, I definitely move up my appointment and have him check it out. It is better to be safe and just make that appointment.

Best Wishes!



Hi Judith,

Thank you so much for your information because I did not know the name of that nerve but my Neurologist kept seeing me because I have the same thing as you and my coiled aneurysm will press on that nerve and it is extremely painful. I have had migraines all my life and I have been telling my Neurologist that it is NOT a migraine and it is a completely different type of headache. He said that it is because my aneurysm is pressing on a nerve because my aneurysm is right where your aneurysm is. So I forgot to ask him the name of the nerve. He gave me a small dose of medicine I take each night but sometimes that does not do anything to stop the pain. Thank you for the information because I want to read about that nerve because I get the pain from the right side of my head (behind my eye) exactly where my aneurysm is and it goes down my head and hurts my head, my ears, my neck and makes me very sick. Thank you again for the info Judith!



Hi Pain behind the eye was a scary thing. Our minds always worry it is the clip or another annie but it is best to really listern to what is going on in your body and not stress out. I find anything that cause pressure or tissue swelling gives me problems. Also dehydration and dry eye. Could be anything best to talk to your dr. Good luck and keep in touch

I get pain behind my right eye on occasion. It feels like someone is inside my head, behind my eyeball, pressing on it, and feels sometimes like throbbing. Used to take Xtra Strength Bufferin, which helped. Now, though, the only thing that helps is trying to relax and sleep. Even then, sometimes I even wake up with the pain, even though I didn't have it went I went to bed. This happens to me once in a while, not a lot, and it seems like it mostly happens during the summer or a change of weather pattern. I always assumed it was sinus related, so never really looked into it. My sister passed from a brain aneurysm several years ago. At that time, I did have an MRI, as they say sometimes aneurysms can run in families. The results were negative. Just wondering if I should be thinking more seriously about this throbbing and pressure that I get off and on. Like I said, always assumed it was my sinuses. Thanks.

Same thing-major pain behind my eye!! My annie was on my Carotid artery behind my right eye it was fixed on June 19,2013. I was very concerned it had something to do with the annie. All doctors and surgeons assured me everything was fine. I did another MRI scan just to be safe and everything was fine. Thankfully I HAD no more headaches except for my eye pain. My doctor said my eye pain is caused by the misalignment of the discs in my neck and the muscles that pull on that pull on my disc causes me problems - which pulls of pain receptors behind my eyes. If I don’t tense up, drink only water-lots of it, watch my posture I am good. Not sure if that helps you but I find it interesting we all have the sort of problem


Hi VJ!

I, too, have pain behind my right eye. It is not too bad, but it worries me when it happens. I have more ocular migraines now as well. I worry about that, too.... My follow up MRI shows all is well. My vision in my right eye changed. the retinologist took many pictures with dye and they think I had a teeny stroke in there. I also have these white spots in my line of vision. They've improved over time, but I saw them on the retina pics as well. The retinologist said he had never seen anything like it. Well, thanks a lot! They are not floaters. I can read books now, just not only the kindle anymore. The neurosurgeon told me at my first visit that my vision might be compromised forever because of the location of my annie. Oh, also my right eye is not drooping as much as before, but still does a bit.

All in all, not a bad trade for what could have been much worse.

I think you might want to check in with a dr.


From my experience and not to alarm you in any I would have it checked out.
I had the same problem and I finally had to have a 9 inch total pipeline stent put in my coractic syphon. I went to Duke Hospital. I am fine now no headaches still watching the on in the same place on the right side.

Taker care