When they found my aneurysm the doctor told me if I didn't have the coiling or clipping done and if the aneurysm was to rupture I would most likely never make it to the hospital alive. This was do to the area in which the aneurysm was located.

I feel that I had a life saving proceedure and I am truly thankful. However, I had a lot of depression after the proceedure and still have what I feel are bad bouts of depression. Has anyone else had this problem and is this normal?

Hi Donna and welcome to BAF

First just know that what you are experiencing is completely normal. The why did I make it when others don't, the what is in store for me now, how do I deal with this new me and a million other questions can tend to make the sanest of us go bonkers.

That being said, if you are having depression you need to speak with your doctor immediately!! Only he or she can point you in the direction of where you need to go from here. Even though most people that I have met have had some type or another of depression, it is critical that you doctor is aware of everything going on during your healing process.

I myself am 6 months post op and went into a major depression about 3 weeks after my surgery. My best friend said it well. From the time my annies were found I became very "clinical" just repeating everything the doctor told me. WHen it finally sunk in what happened to me, I totally lost it, rolled myself into a little ball and literally did not get out of bed for 4 days. My poor husband didn't know what to do with me. He, along with my mother and sisters and best friend got me to my PCP so we could begin treatment of my depression symptoms. A lot of it was just me needing to talk to other who had been there done that, as my BAF family has. Finding BAF saved my life. YOu will know me to be the one who always says, although I have the best support system of family and friends anyone could ever ask for, no one gets me like my BAF family.

I urge you to speak with your doctor right away and vent away here. It has helped me tremendouly in my journey into my after annie life.

Best wishes to you and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!


Hi you, I experienced depression and was very teary~eyed the first month after coiling...then it would "come and go"...I am now 1 year since my coiling ... and I can tell you that is so much better... My biggest problem is "anxiety" ...

If it doesn't improve Donna or seems to get to your Neurologist they might be able to give you some suggestions...

Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen

Donna…you will never confuse the words normal and common again. Clinicians will say things. Family and friends will say things. Without doubt you had a life saving procedure and not only you are thankfull…your family and friends are more so. It is difficult I have found to identify what is ‘normal’ for US and what is ‘common’ for us. For US its about a journey back to the person we consider ourselves to be. For those around us its about the journey back to the person they either want us to be or we should be. All of these are different things. And none of these aims or goals are wrong. What Must prevail is a semblance of post aneurysm normality which acknowledges what has happened. All will go well if eveyone around us avails themselves of the facts and the expectancies of this condition. We none of us goes through this ourselves. However It involves frst and foremost you, then your Doc, then your significant other, then your kids, and a cascade of people who ALL need to ‘GET IT’ so to speak.

We are all conditioned to believe that life will follow the archetypal blueprint. for some it does but for most of us it just doesn’t. Many struggle with all kinds of ailments and life challenges which threaten the master plan. What you, I and all of us here giving testimony must accept and say and embrace is that THIS is our burden. We must carry it! because if we don’t…how can we expect others to do so. No prayers from me…just a simple nod of the head and a knowledge that we are all alive this…amount, but gone…this amount. lets live and love and lets help all those who chose to do so. You are very normal but that is seldom common. Love StevoX

Hi Donna,

It has seemed to me that depression,after all everyone of us has been through ,is not unusual. You must be pro-active and talk to your Doctor . I am in the process of trying to find the right anti-depressant for me. My Doctor is totally on my side and is understanding ,and explained to me how common these feelings are . After all , we've all been to the" dark side " and that's ok considering whats happened . Just don't let yourself get too comfy there .


yes, they say we have depression and sleep problems, have you watched the newsest video? They are on the main page very good info.


Yes, depression is definitely a "side effect" of this illness. It affected me about 3 months post op...It's odd how we all react differently, but, it seems to be quite common. I am now going on my 6 month post op, seem to be some better. it takes time..Hope you are better soon.


HI Stephen...your response is excellent...touched me...because it is so true and eloquently told...

Cyber~hugs Colleen

Hi Donna,

Welcome to BAF. I too, am a new member. You will find so much support here as you continue to recover, so many caring people who understand what you are going through. I hope that you will talk to your doctor asap about your depression. I am ok now but have struggled with serious depression in the past and, with the help of my doctor I am feeling so much better now. That is not something you can always pull yourself out of with out professional help. It took my doctor and I a few tries to find a medication that worked well for me, but I can't even describe the relief when that dark cloud finally lifted and released it's grip on me. Depression can be so scary because your loved ones just can't understand it if they haven't been through it, and that makes you feel even more isolated. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Trish

Thanks to all that have responded. Each of you gave me a new prespective on what to expect. It helps to know that I am not alone in what I am feeling and that there are people like yourselves that have gone through this to help me by sharing your wisdom. The doctor put me on Wellbutrin after the coiling and the only thing it did was cause a horrible ringing in my ears. I went off of it to see if they ringing would go away and it has not. Thus far I have not been perscribed a new anti depressant for my neurologist closed his practice and is now only working at one of our local hospitals only. I have yet to find a new neurologist.

I hope that you are able to get some help with this Donna. My clipping was in Feb. My depression hit me like a ton of bricks about 3 months out I think. The place that I visited and I was stuck in for a long time was rough not only for me but my loved ones. Terrible thoughts were going through my head, I just didn't care anymore. I'm finally on a med (some time in October) that has helped me and we're still working out the proper dosage. Things are finally beginning to look up but I still have my days. I'll be glad when I don't have those days at all. :-)

Keep plugging on and get help for this, don't allow it to settle in and take over.


Wow! Thanks Steve!

Colleen, my anxiety is at the foremost right now also. I tried a new anti depressant (Celexa) and it was suppose to help with anxiety also. It made me sick, very sick, so I had to go off of it. Thanks for you post.

Hi Donna! I also have depression and anxiety. Like everyone is saying, it's normal for us. I hope things get worked out for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. All the best. -Laura