Depression and anxiety three months after ruptured aneurysm

Hi everyone, I'm new here just sign in yesterday, I´m Portuguese, 37 years old, married with two kids a ten year old boy and a 12 month baby girl. I had a SAH due to a ruptured aneurysm on July 3, never had any symptoms, I had the clipping surgery the same day,I Was 10 days in ICU and 4 Days in neurosurgery ward, my recovery was amazing, I felt safe in the hospital because i Worked there in the E.R, I knew everyone. After 14 days I came home and another journey begun, the first month was very hard, felt extremely tired, dizzy all the time, afraid to leave the house, didn´t sleep well. Things started to get better the second month but my husband works in Norway so he had to leave and i stayed alone with the kids, first 15 days felt good, but then depression started to hit me along with panic attack and severe anxiety, I now on medication and feel much better, as anyone else faced this in the recovering period? Another question, everyday at the end of the day i feel my head very heavy and the back of my head near the neck starts to be more stiff and feel a bit dizzy not much, but I just start to do things slower, is this normal after 3 months, it´s more at the end of the day or if I´m tired.

Hi and again welcome...anxiety and depression are common after our brain aneurysm surgeries, bleeds, etc., Part the Doctor told me is we experience "PTSD" (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and part the effects of what has been touched in the brain...(the brain controls everything including our emotions) does get better with time...but healing can take a long time ...

You will find many of us experience dizziness and like you I have terrible neck pain since my too worsens if I am more tired...the brain needs rest in order to heal...~ wishing you a peaceful day ~ Colleen

I did not have a rupture but had PED surgery a month ago. I've been going through a whirlwind of emotions since then. I'm not sure if it is physiological or psychological - e.g. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - but either way - I'm thankful most of the negative feelings I have are fleeting. You have been through an extremely traumatic event coupled with the fact your husband is not home and you are tending to young children on your own - yes you have every reason in the world to be feeling anxious. Give it time honey. I'm convinced time heals just about everything. Best wishes to you.

Thanks Colleen, my Doctor explain me that PTSD was normal too, but I feel such a contradiction inside, I should be over the moon for being alive and have no neurological deficit, yet most of the time I just felt miserable and cried every day, but I'm no longer like that, the medication and therapy are doing wonders. I just need to be patient and time will heal everything, best wishes to you!

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Thank you Amy for your kind words, it is really a whirlwind, I´m glad you are feeling more positive and yes it was very traumatic, even for me that worked in the E.R, it´s one of those things I never thought would come my way. My husband is coming to visit next weekend, I´m excited for that and it´s hard to take care of two children alone in the recovering period, but they give me strength. Hope you recover fast!

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Hi, I from what I know it takes time, the PTSD becomes less and less frequent, same with the mood swings and after a year the stiff neck slowly start to disappear, just you need to be patient, it must be quite hard with the kids, but you have a kind of slow life for a while. Don’t put to much on your agenda, what helped me a lot is the TBI website because symptoms after a ruptured brain aneurism are quite similar to TBI. Wishing you a nice day. Martine

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Thank you Luxtine, it's really hard for me to found someone who went through the same here in Portugal, and I´m so glad when I find someone who understands what I´m going through and has the experience that whith time everything is going to be just fine. Have a nice day too.

Hi Paula !

Girl, you've have so much on your plate in the last 3 months, a surprise ruptured aneurysm with a clipping done immediately, a young family and a husband who travels frequently--and recovery from such a major surgery no less, you are one very special lady ! I can't begin to imagine all the emotions you've been dealing with--and PTSD is very real!

Things will get better--its a 'time thing' . It sounds like you're doing really well actually. Peace to you as you and yours manage thru all this, Janet

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I’m 10 weeks out from Pipeline surgery for large annie on optic nerve. I went thru the exact same symptoms for several weeks. Finally got better last week. Migraines every day, exhaustion… Had to actually move my children to their father’s house because I couldn’t cope. The drs don’t warn you about this. I feel much better now, after talking to the nurse… maybe I just needed someone to tell me this is normal, and would get better. Also my antidepressent was increased. HANG IN THERE! You are not alone. Ask for help with your children. You need time to rest. God Bless.

Hi, I am new to this page. I suffered a massive ruptured brain aneurysm Dec. 1, 2008. The coiling procedure was successful, but a high-likelihood stroke happened several days later, resulting in some temporary paralysis and other lingering effects. I have tried since that time to go back to normal life, but have had to go on disability mainly because I cannot tolerate fragrance chemicals of any kind. It get horrendous migraines when exposed to these petrochemical products. I am so very isolated. I keep trying to go places and do things, but get so frustrated when I venture out to public places and events and end up with terrible migraines, which generally linger into the next day. The meds I have to take to stop the migraines are not recommended with my vascular issues, so I have been told to avoid migraines. Right. I also find that my emotional stamina is very low. Frustration and anger are heightened, so it is hard for me to deal with stress. How do you longer-term survivors keep going? I am a “people-person”, so staying trapped in my home day after day is so depressing. Often I wish I had not survived the aneurysm hemorrhage. I searched yesterday for on-line support, as the live support groups in my area are in congested traffic areas, and it is difficult for me to drive in fast, interstate traffic. I’m trying to find people who can relate.