Clipping date changed :(

Hi all

I've finally come round after a horrific 2 week headache which I am told was not Aneurysm related to be told that my clipping has been changed from this month until next year. I am devastated. I can't believe they changed it. They gave me no reason for it other than the surgeon is a busy man!!!! I can't believe I have at least another 5 months of this now :(

Find another doctor! Have a Interventional Neurological Radiologist take a look at your CT Angiogram.

Perhaps you can post where you live, and someone here can give you a recommendation nearby. I wouldn’t hesitate to travel to be treated by an excellent doctor. I have been to three states for treatment.

If it’s not aneurysm related, whar EXACTLY did this doctor’s office/hospital say it was?

I’m so sorry you’re getting this run-around. NO ONE should be treated this way. My heart goes out to you.

If I remember correctly, Claire is in Ireland. I believe the health care system is different there than here in the US. I can just imagine how you feel. I waited from Feburary 1, 2007 until May 23, 2007 and it was awful.

Yes Donna I’m in Ireland and it really is a terrible system. They just told me that my CT was clear and I can go see my own GP. I ended up getting treated for migraine which I know it wasn’t. Re changing the clipping date I was given no reason really. Julie the way it works here is you go public or private. Going public my initial appointment was given as 25 Nov 2011. Decided to go private through my medical insurance then but it still works out with a long wait. You don’t get any say in when you get done unfortunatley. There are only 9 NS in te whole of Ireland so its an nightmare really!


That is not a very good reason. Can you go somewhere else for a 2nd opinion. I found my 2nd annie in April and just had my clipping done 18 days ago. I was very nervous about waiting. I contemplated going to Cinc, Ohio because they train the neurosurgeons there. I opted to stay with my surgeon who did my first clipping 5 years ago. After meeting and speaking with him I felt more confident and relaxed about the wait. I hope you can find a resolution to this and peace with this.