Possible another aneurysm

I had a subarachanoid hemm. undected and then had two aneuryms clipped in2007. With continual headaches I saw several neurologists and went on several migraine medications. I found my newest neurologist at Crozer Chester in Pa. who ordered several blood tests and a CTA with.without contrast to rule out any other problems. I just got my report that at the site of the clipping there seems to be a residual aneurysm. I am sick to my stomach and scared to death. I spoke to my Dr. today and they cannot be sure if it is another aneurysm or just residual effect from the aneurysms. The strange thing is that is butts up agains the clips. I need to have either an MRI or cerebral angiogram (I was told my the MD that the angiogram can be very dangerous since I am clipped and could cause a stroke) to find out just what this “thing” is. I am scared to death that I will need to undergo another craniotomy and scared to death. I don’t want to die. I have to much to live for. If this has happened to anyone else, can you please let me know. Please say some prayers that this is really nothing to be worried about. Prayers also to everyone on this site. Donna

Praying for you. Please keep us informed.


Donna, prayers to you for your strength and prayers for your decisions.

Was the MD you talked to, the one who did your surgery/clips, or another? I hope that you will write down all your concerns / questions, and visiting, again, with your MDs/Team and have an advocate with you to help you understand / remember...as when we're stressed, we may overlook / forget.

Many prayers,


Donna, so sorry to hear about your new problems. I just had an annie clipped 6 months ago and would hate to go through that scare again. My prayers for your recovery are coming your way. Stay strong… think positive thoughts.


You have my Thoughts and Prayers...!

Oh Please keep us posted...Cyber~Hugs Colleen

Hi Donna,

The first thing I want to tell you is that the neurologists at Crozer Chester were the ones who discovered my annies and they saved my life!!! It was because of their tenacious attempts to find out why I was getting no blood supply to my left arm that they started at the top of my head with an MRA -- found my annies -- then immediately transported me to Jefferson Hospital in Philly, because as the doctor put it, aneurysms are not "what they do" at Crozer. Dr. Annmarie Gaskin who was leading the neurological team that was treating me at Crozer is an amazing doctor and I owe my life to her.

That being said and knowing what I know about the neurologists at Crozer, I do hope that you will get a second opinion at least from a doctor who "specializes" in vascular neurosurgery and has done many many angiograms and can give you the proper statistics for potential side effects. Anyone who has had an angio is or should have been warned of the possible side effects but with an experienced vascular radiologist or vascular neurosurgeon who has done many of them, I would think it should be no more dangerous because of a clipping. My sister, who had a clipping done just about 2 years ago, has had at least 3 angios that I can remember, and I dont ever recall her or her doctor ever saying that it was any more dangerous for her with a clipping than it was for me with the PED. I'll be having my 3rd angio next month and am just curious why your MD told you that would be dangerous because of your clip. PLease question that and if you are not satisfied, get a 2nd opinion!

I understand you are scared and I pray that you will get through this and that it will turn out to be nothing to worry about. Please keep us posted.

Best wishes andprayers your way!


Donna, I will be praying for you and please let us know what happens.

Thank You, Amy


yes it is the same neurosurgeon. Yes my partner will be with me. thank you for your prayers

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