Clipping postponed due to migraine

I was admitted to hospital on the 9th for my clipping surgery on the 10th only to be end up being treated for the worst migraine of my life for nearly a week. My surgeon had to hand me over to a neurologist for treatment, who I must say has been wonderful (the only positive thing to come out of this). I have come home today, but unfortunately still have considerable head pain. If it doesn't improve over the weekend I am going to have to go back in for treatment with methylprednisolone.

I am not sure at this stage when I will be well enough for the clipping surgery, but I think I will probably need a break from hospitals for a few weeks before going ahead. Life is certainly full of many hurdles, but at least I now have a brilliant new neurologist.

(((((((((((Wendy)))))))))))))…Please rest and take care of YOU…sometimes when one window closes, a door will open…something like that…lol…Be well sweetie, keep us posted…Prayers your way…Colleen

Thanks Colleen, my new neurologist is going to help me get these migraines under control before I go ahead with the surgery, so it will probably be at least a few weeks.

Best wishes


Wendy it really helps when you find a good neurologist…mine, like yours is a gem…and has helped me “healthwise” in several areas … gotcha in my thoughts…! Colleen…


I'm a strong believer in things happen for a reason. Maybe you were meant to find this new neurologist first and heis going to help you in other ways after your annie surgery!!

Please keep us posted on the outcome of your headaches and when your surgery will be rescheduled.

Best wishes, and I'll keep you in my prayers!


Linda, I think you are right. Fortunately my head pain has started to settle, however I have a follow up appointment with my new neurologist on Thursday. He has spoken to my surgeon to let him know that I won't be ready for surgery until I have my migraines under control. As he puts it; " At the moment the pain is controling you. The goal is for you to control the pain. Wouldn't that be nice!

Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers.



...this is so overwhelming for you; and, I never imagined (any) treatment being delayed for a migraine or other pain(?)...sort of thinking of it / comparing it to the massive pain of ruptures; includingthe black-outs, etc.

We learn so much...and, so regret my/our learning is at your expense.

You are blessed to have found a neurolgoist you are so comfortable with.

Many hugs and prayers for you.